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  • cpregal1976 cpregal1976 Jan 9, 2013 7:08 PM Flag


    Hate to write in caps and so aggressively, but I'm trying to get people's attention.

    People here are too myopic about this stock (short or long). Look at NOK's competitors. They were all down. RIMM down 4%. AAPL down 2%. Even Samsung in Korea took a small hit.

    It's simple why the drop in NOK and others. AAPL talks about making a cheaper iPhone. AAPL is getting scared of what is happening in China. Market fears are that the smartphone will be commoditized. Market hates uncertainty. Market sells off across the board.

    Personally, I believe NOK has shook the market with the Lumia in China. Think about all the chaos it has caused to AAPL's stock price since last month. We don't know what the exact sales figures are for Nokia this quarter. But all of the research points to a serious improvement over last quarter. And remember Q4 numbers only count for less than 2 months of the Lumia launch. This could be the moment of truth for NOK. Selling out now means you never believed in the turnaround. Which means you should have never bought the stock in the first place.

    If it can even break even and not lose money (allowing it to keep paying it's dividend of 4%), Nokia is undervalued at these prices. For a long position, that is all you need to know. The rest is just noise.

    We'll all know the truth in a couple of weeks. If you bought at $4+, relax. I myself am adding at these levels and not trying to time the bottom. Can it go lower? Sure. But as a long term hold, it will bounce around these levels. That is why it is imperative not to lose one's cool.

    Take a look at FB. IPO at $36. Dropped to $18. Just got back to $30. Imagine people who panicked and sold at $18. Kicking themselves right now and hating life.

    Stocks move up and down. It's a simple fact. Learn to accept that or get out of the market.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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