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  • likinnok likinnok Jan 10, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    I was saying WIn8 phone was a hit in October and people were responding "you are joking right" This is a joke isn't it.

    It does not matter if Cook signs a deal in China. Att & Verizon are both selling Iphones and Noks. The building a cheaper phone is a lot of bunk. They are trying to dodge future patent issues. Iphones are currently being discounted at $49.00 and the older versions given away. How much cheaper do you have to make it?. Could it be that the current Iphone does not work on China's largest carrier and if they announce we are making one that does by copying Nok's patent that would not sound right. Nok has come along way but it is going to make for an unbelievable amount of bashers, shorters, firms that have lost their as.. because of Nok attacking it. It is now affecting Apple, goog,samsung, rim and a lot of others. There are going to be constant attacks because like I said these firms that bought Apple at 700 are losing their as...China loves Win 8 and they like Samsung better than APPLE.

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    • Get a grip, 4.4 million pones is way below what was expected. 7.5 m was the target. W8 is good OS but still not a hit far from it, Nokia is held back by MS that is why MS is paying to use its OS. Todays run is nice but does not make either Lumia or W8 hit a home run yet. Earnings is a hit and that is good for a 17% run. It is still going to be bumpy all the way up.

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      • You are in denial. You are embarrassing yourself at this point. What stock is not bumpy in this economy. Nokia and msft are liked and some people cannot admit it. Next during normal profit taking the bashers will be saying see. The fact that so many firms, etc missed Nok is bad. People should find lawyers willing to go after people making them loose their hard earned money. You just don't get it like all the others. You missed it admit it. Take it like a man.

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