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  • vlad2vlad vlad2vlad Jan 10, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    -- 4.4 Million Too Low - Elop Setting up the Shorts for the Kill.

    I did the math and there's no way Nokia only sold 4.4 million Lumias in Q4. Elop is springing a trap for the shorts - going for the kill in the 24th.

    Shorts think they know the numbers now so there won't be any big surprises but I think Nokia sold at least 7 Million Lumias and then they're gonna show a small profit. That's 2 huge surprises waiting to be dropped on the shorts like a ton of Bricks, come January 24th. Hold on tight.

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    • Like I said once before-Vlad is no durak.LOL

    • Starting to know Elop a bit, maybe some shipments will be calculated under Q1 so he can surprise there again. I dont believe the 24th will show another number.

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    • This is why we're up today, not the paltry 4.4 million. Elop sandbagged the lumia sales, I'm sure of it. Like I've been saying, we're gonna show a profit for Q4 which means we may show a profit for Q1 and beyond given china was not in the Picture for Q4. This is why shorts are now covering - Nokia isn't turning the corner, Nokia has officially turned the corner and is coming out of turn 4 with the pedal to the metal.

      Here's the quote from Today's PR:

      "Cost reductions helped the company’s bottom line. Nokia said adjusted operating margins for the quarter are now expected to come in between break-even and positive 2%; management had previously expected this to be in the range of negative 6%."

      So they're saying worst case scenario Q4 is gonna be break even. That's huge. Now there's no way that's possible unless they sold millions of the higher profit 920's. And if they can show positive results without china and without India and without the 620 imagine what they can do in Q1 with everyone and everything selling full bore, and no more supply issues.

      And a couple last things: 1) Costs in Q4 will be higher than in Q1 since the bulk of the costs were to be taken down in 2012 so Q1 will look better, in part, due to lower costs from the reductions of last year. And 2) Apple et al are now shipping 4G LTE Devices which include iPhones, iPods and iPads. Nokia was only getting paid $10 per unit from apple for the touchscreen patents. Going forward apple, google, HTC, etc will all have to start paying for the use of 4G. So expect 2013 to start seeing Nokia's royalties revenues to easily top $1.5 Billion on an annual basis.

      Folks, Nokia has officially turned the corner and once these banksters cover their shorts we will see massive upgrades.

      But wait, all this without a high margin tablet which should be on the market by Q2? And without Nokia's truly innovative cellphones - ie: Flexphones. Nokia is just getting started, I see Nokia as being one of Wallstreet's darlings of 2013.

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    • I must admit You convinced me from the Facebook MAU stats, that NOK's share of activated WIN-phones would be around 7 mill.
      How that relates to the number of 4.4 mill Lumia, that is reported, I can't see. But I also believe he is legally punishable if the correct numbers are not reported, so they are probably correct.

    • Is it legal to under report sales? If he knew actual Lumia sales wouldn't he have to report these known numbers?

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    • My guess is that Nokia sold closer to 7M - and for a partial quarter to report. Expect Nokia to outsell Apple on smartphones alone in 1Q. The upcoming stuff that Nokia will report on for Q1 should be smoking Samsung too.

    • Think he was/is protecting the Finnish stockholders who he had thanked for sticking with Nokia. He is definitely low balling IMO.

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      • 1 Reply to rrryahoo
      • These may be initial numbers with the true compiled for the 24th. I am sure each and every sale will be counted in the 24th numbers.

        I love it when my 6 month chart begins to look like something Evil Knievel would lauch his bike from. My eght looked the same way before I switched that money to nok. Bought nok oct 1st, hanging on to it much longer though:)

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