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  • edgaryu99 edgaryu99 Jan 11, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

    Tim Cook's comment on China helping Nokia

    Tim Cook's comment that Apple will do as well in China as in the US can only help Nokia stock price.

    Everyone already know China Mobile signed on with Nokia. Everyone knows Nokia is targeting carriers contracts with a "more carrier friendly" terms that allow carrier to keep more $$$ instead of having Apple made all the money and carriers just a commodity.

    The more Tim Cook talk about China the more money runs away from Apple and money goes to Nokia.

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    • remember the times when people came to apple. now apple has to go places. haha. SJ died and fanboys cried. before they made ground breaking things. first iphone came out and there was nothing like it. i was using a tilt with win 6 and was completely sold on iphone. i was amazed and loved it. then after i got the 4s which i loved, lumia 920 came out with wp8 and now i cant ever imagin going back to iphone. its so much better. apple has been disappointing. they just make things smaller and bigger. and add retina infornt of every thing. its moronic. changing size is not innovation. hope the lumia 920 also goes to verizon, u guys deserve this phone. its awesome. LOVE LUMIA, LONG NOK,

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    • Yeah, I agree, before Cook says China will be Apples biggest market maybe he should ask the Chinese consumers first. Nokia is really rattling Apple and rightfully so.

    • I don't have a Lumia phone but I looked again at the 920 and 820 today in my local hypermarket. Nokia do not need special advantages in China, though of course we all welcome all the help we can get. All Nokia need is a level playing field, and not even that, because Nokia Lumia phones are far better than Apple phones, and clearly so.

    • bemos Jan 11, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

      I wish CNBC would tell there viewers that Nokia has China Mobile

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      • If someone on CNBC mentioned that Nokia China Mobile deal on TV that would be an unfortunate end to a possible budding career. They are at each other for much less.

        Notice that the best CNBC can say about Cook's visit today is that there are "High expectations in China". By no means does this translate to " Yes, we signed a contract with China Mobile".

        Nothing happened in China or else there would be partying at headquarters and CNBC squawking about it.

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      • They are still waiting for tim cook to make a deal with china mobile, LOL. It ain't happening in the near future. All the big shots in china and even the little guys have bought many cheap shares of nok and they want to make USA shorties pay so they, the chinese become nokia millionaires, imo. Apple is cooked in china, imo (pun inteneded with "cook")

      • nobody's even mentioned the big unveiling in India

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      • You expect too much from people who are wholly invested in Apple. It is a miracle they mentioned once that Nokia got the China Mobile deal, and never that they are giving gov't subsidies, whereas the consumer can get the Lumia 920 for free with an appropriate contract. I think this total ignorance combined with the visible manipulation of facts will not be to their advantage. My message is: dump the overblown looser and invest in Nokia, you could be millionaires in the near future, unless you are too $!up!d to see the writing on the wall.LOL

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