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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Jan 14, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

    sam sold 100M phones 40M gal 3's alone loseria's 4M is a rounding error

    Turned the corner? Really, the feature phones outsold loseria by 15X and they don't run evilware.
    Once rimm gets running and all the new android phones start coming out they're won't be shelf space
    for loseria and the software gap btw android and evilware will be 20 to 1. What idot other then a nok
    long would want to be that from the mainstream.

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    • By evilware you sure must mean Android?!

    • How stupid are you? I mean really, how DUMB are you?

      Do you realize that companies DO NOT need to have the majority of market share to be profitable?

      Do you also realize that when you invest, your gains/losses is determined by where the STOCK goes after you buy it?

      Nokia was beaten down (and rightfully so) but the company's momentum has shifted and they are successfully working their way back up.

      Nokia is not currently a powerhouse, but it has a better chance of doubling in the next year than rimm or samsung or htc or apple.

      Nokia would still not be a real powerhouse, but that wouldn't stop my investment from doubling.

      Apple is currently the king, but guess what? I bought aapl at an average price of $630 before it really collapsed and im down more than what i have already made from nokia.

      Investing in the top dog isn't necessarily better than investing in a dog with fleas.

    • My guess is that you're still using a dumb phone, if abbreviating so many words is that important to you. Spend the extra five minutes it takes you to spell out Samsung. You'll look a little smarter than your phone, though that's not saying much.

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    • Judging by your lack of sense this is yet one more ID by our resident dropout: ConcordKitchens/ShortNokia. And the level of stupidity is the same as nusaiba and udufus. How many aliases does this choke artist have?

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    • Nokia did 83 million phones this quarter, lumia is new ine and growing.

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    • First, samsung sold 30 million and it was for the entire year and lumia sold about 10 million for 2012. those are called facts, dumbo.

      Secondly, Samsung will first have to pay Nokia for every 4G and a touchscreen phone they make ($10+ plus billions in back-pay) then they have to pay Softy $10 for every android phone they make (per HTC's settlement) and then they have to pay Apple $10 for every phone they make for being copy cats. So that's 100 million phones, eh? By next year 70% of all phones will be touchscreen 4G smartphones as 3G is going away.

      So Nokia can just live off the money Samsung gives them but why stop at raping Samsung when you can take their baby and mama too. Watch and learn how Nokia will out innovate and out maneuver Samsung in every market and at every product.

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