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  • likinnok likinnok Jan 20, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    Why Microsoft May have to buy Nokia & Rimm

    Microsoft's future is dependent on Nokia and it's patents at "this" moment. Microsoft is definitely working on it's on Surface phone in China production. Microsoft also has a deal with China Unicom and it's 70 million customers. Nokia will sell some phones there along with others. Nokia's Elop commented that he encourages Microsoft to builds it's Surface Phone. Microsoft's entire future may depend on the success of it's mobile strategy. Without Nokia & (Nokia's Patents) let's face it, the current Mobile sales and progression would have ended before it started with HTC, etc. I know Microsoft said they would not buy Nok based on the books but lot's of things are said aren't they. The books will look a lot better to them if Google, Samsung etc. has recently been looking at the same books to buy Nokia & IT'S PATENTS. Rim agreed to pay Nokia 65 Million last month for a patent dispute. Microsoft may take them out also for there patents and the large amount of Government contracts that use Rimm. If Google or Samsung bought Nokia Microsoft would be screwed. Microsoft bought Skype for 8.5 Billion. Nokia has a market cap between 10-12 billion. Microsoft already invests a billion a month in Nokia for it's partnership. As you can see it is not that out of reach at all. Since the Lumia's have caught on now and are "selling like hot cakes" a Microsoft spokesman stated the competition may take Nokia out. The reason the Microsoft's competitors would take Nokia out are for the patents and to stop the 800 pound gorilla from future mobile dominance. Morgan Stanley knows a lot about mergers and acquisitions. Morgan Stanley increased their stake in Nokia by 400% to 32 million shares. It appears that Nokia currently has Microsoft's mobile transformation by the you know what. That is why they are working on China production of their own phone now. Remember Microsoft paid 8.5 billion for Skype and Nokia's Market cap is on only 10-12 billion. Remember if Google or Samsung buys Nokia tomorrow Microsoft is defeated for the near term. Adds up doesn't it. It sort of make Nokia & Rimm both in play. They have a lot riding on Nok right now regardless if they have a 5 year partnership or not a competitor buying the patents screws them. Do not invest on anything I have said as this is just my thoughts. I have no knowledge that this is going to happen. It is risky to invest based on rumors so do your own homework. My numbers or information could be off.

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    • Correction: Elop who headed up Microsoft's Office division before joining Nokia was rumored to be selling his shares after this controversy became public. I do not know if the former head of Microsoft's office division and is now the ceo of Nokia still owns any shares in Microsoft. Do your own research to determine this. It is reported that MSFT & Nok have an agreement where MSFT is giving NOK 1 billion a year. I am long Nok & Msft. I have not sold any msft shares since the 80's.

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    • Nokia reportedly approached Google and Microsoft several years ago to sell the mobile division. Google did not want to pay enough MSFT made a 1 billion a year agreement with Nok.
      Mr Elop is the7th largest shareholder in Microsoft.

      I do not know if Microsoft is buying Nok.

      Do not trade based on anything I said as I do not know.

      I own Microsoft and Nokia stocks,

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    • Hmmm.... Nokia Siemens looks to raise EUR700M in bond offering, FT says
      Nokia Siemens Networks (NOK,SI) is going to the public markets for finance for the first time, with plans to issue high-yield bonds aimed to raise as much as EUR700M this spring, that will help gauge broader investor interest in the telecoms equipment maker, says the Financial Times, citing people familiar with the matter. I

      Does that mean they know the mobile division is going elsewhere? going to public markets for the first time?????

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    • Microsoft Pays Nokia for each Lumia phone in their agreement and Nok get's a piece of the advertising as well. The mobile carrier or Nokia is not paying for the phones. Microsoft is.

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    • In addition, Ballmer & Elop are the on two who really know if this will happen or already has happened. Microsoft has a 5 year agreement and has already given Nokia Billions in the development of Window 8 phones. Perhaps this agreement is strong enough from a legal standpoint to prevent Google or Samsung from buying Nokia and replacing Windows 8 with Droid. That of course would leave Microsoft up the creak without a paddle. The lumia's are what is moving. Microsoft cannot remain a tighten without a mobile strategy. Microsoft is hard at work on it's own Surface Phone. Elop said "He encourages this". Public relations is different than how a company or ceo really feels. If Surface Phone comes out in a few months and does well Microsoft would not need to buy Lumia as they can begin producing numerous models in China. If Surface Phone does not do well, than they either have to have a good 5 year (less now) agreement with Nokia or they have to buy them in a pure defensive strategy. They may have already started the buying Nokia as paying billions for an agreement with a carrier is not an average every day thing. The Microsoft ad budget is a billion for Win8 also. It is not going away.

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    • They had to test the waters to make sure Lumia both high & low end would do well before buying a mobile division of a company. It has now been proven and the success of low end phones has caught the attention of other carriers, buyers, etc. Apple suddenly comes to the realization that it is time to think about building a low cost phone. Wow! With Nokia success brings change. It is very very unlikely that you will be posting on this board next year. There is too much at stake for Google, Samsung, Microsoft & Apple. All have a reason whether offensive, defensive or patents. The more successful Lumias get the quicker it will happen. Nokia is in play. I am long qqq holds app, msft, nok & Facebook.

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    • Nokia has also abandoned two operating systems for Windows and let Information technology people go now that Microsoft handles the operating system. The ties these companies have to each other is a very dependent and a needy relationship. Neither can go backward now. There are no open doors backward. Either Nokia would be bought by another company that has an operating system "Droid" or Microsoft would buy another company with patents "rimm". It could remain as a comfortable partnership, however the risk of takeout by competitors makes it very very unlikely that either company does not realize the neediness. Nok is in Play in my opinion. I am long qqq holds app, msft, nok & fb.

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