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  • the_phony_guy the_phony_guy Jan 23, 2013 5:53 AM Flag

    Now here is a rumor: 41 megapixels Lumia to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress

    Now that is a rumor along with shelved plans for a Nokia tablet running W8 RT (excellent news if true, a tablet needs to be only PRO if and only if until APPS STORE has a much bigger selection).

    Now how about a 41 megapixels phone for those incredulous Apple fan and under their payroll site reviewers.

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    • It would take a whole page to properly explain it and I know how to write Silverlight code so you may not understand what I would be explaining anyway. The short of it is a 41 mp camera would obviously (or maybe not obviously to all) produce a file size to large to fit on phone storage. The current 808 purview Symbian uses software to reduce the size and still call it 41mp. It has been pointed out to me that the pureview in 920 already released may already have the same quality and this is on W8 in what was Siverlight now is xaml and java (W8). Silverlight & Xaml are very similar. The Symbian coders are the ones who put the 41mp that is REDUCED to a smaller size photo and STILL is classified as 41mp. I will say that xaml and java is capable of doing what was done and have seen very complicated code routines to do that type of reduction in software.
      It is possible on W8.
      I know about the rumors of the Lumia zero. Please compare the results of an 808 & 920 pureview. I will tell you how to determine when all new lumias are released. I .am doing this because the shorts ticked me off and I am trying to educate buyers who are putting out their hard earned money and some short is playing games and wiping them out.
      1.) If you are referring to US, please search FCC APPLICATIONS records everyday to see what receives approval. Overseas you will have to search ccc or others and I do not follow overseas searches. The 808 pureview 41mp went through FCC in 2012 in US. A new phone has to go through and it get's a FCC #. The device names are often submitted as numbers like the Surface Pro was. You will have to use descriptive references and actual illustrations.
      2.) Search the US Patent and Trademark office. You can use keyword Nokia if you want to find all Nokia patent applications. They have recently submitted design patents related to tablets.
      These methods can be used for competitors also.

      Those are two way's you can find out without insider rumors.

      he current programmers probably would tell you they have already converted the Pureview code routine in the Lumia 920 in c# xaml.

      Please compare an actual photo from a Symbian 808 Pureview with a 920 Lumia pureview. Than again some of the internet "vs" are way off. I saw a 920 vs 822 lumia which was not accurate. I have also seen an 822 vs iphone 5 which was not accurate. I have done those without publishing them to youtube and my results were the 822 blew the iphone 4 away, if you like vivid colors than the 822 is better than the iphone 5, if you do not like vivid colors the iphone 5 was better. The 822 compared to the 920 was the photos were nearly identical except the 920 produced less blurry shots. The 822 has the Carl Zeiss on it for low light that "does what it is supposed to".

      There is no short answer to how a 41 mp photo size can fit on a phone and how reducing it to a smaller size can still be called a 41mp photo in the United States.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I know that with windows OS and Nokia know how we will have perfect phone and camera :) next pureview device

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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