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  • thermonuke Jan 24, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    I love it. All the Sudden NOKIA was not Restrucuring for the last 6 Qs

    Now they want to focus on YoY data? Totally irrelevant for a company that has exhibited a TURNAROUND! For God's Sake, RIMM stock TRIPLES on HOPE, NOKIA Proves it and all the sudden well things are down YoY. What a total joke, I really don't think that will hold up but very frustrating to see these "analysts" going that road.


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    • If you follow earnings you will find that it depends what retail does the day before the earnings. Google sold off on the day before earning. Better than expected announced (PLENTY OF WHOLES that could have been opened) Rallied after hours. Maybe if it would have been bought heavily by retail traders the day before the earnings, the holes would have been opened. Happens too much to be a coincidence. One can find something negative in any earnings. Nokia is a complete manipulation. I do not think you could find 2 shareholders that give a shi* about the dividend including funds. Lower than expected Lumia sales when they were not available to sell is sketchy. Account for that kind of disappointment on turning a profit is pure mm manipulation. They are reading what I am writing right now. Yep that sums it up, they made money and are using a dividend to buy back stock and increase production. It can flip tonight after hours on the Microsoft News now that they scared everyone into selling today. If you buy today, it will not go up even if the news is good.

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    • thermonuke Jan 24, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

      Hey you REATRDS over at FORBES!

      "Why NOKIA Dividend Cut is Really Good"

      Didn't you see? Hello McFly! Nokia turns a profit and increases cash by $800M, cuts the dividend for another $0.26/sh of cash preservation, and THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DESERVING of a -$1.3B market cap hit today! DUH!!! Really good news.... Hahahaha oh so precious. Look at the market reaction there FORBES you RETARDS. NOKIA ALWAYS trades on 100% fundamental analysis you know!

    • thermonuke Jan 24, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

      I wish I could see all these replies, to whoever is trying!

    • A good example of this is net cash and other liquid assets on the balance sheet. Quarter to quarter net cash and liquid assets are up 22% but year over year they're down 22%. Which one really tells the story? Obviously the sequential Q to Q. Which one makes the headline YOY.

      So the very good news on liquidity is buried. Investors will eventually discover this and realize that the NOK restructuring has worked very well. They added almost a billion to net cash this quarter. No better proof than this. The restructuring is the real key, not the current level of Lumia phone sales. That will come. This set the stage for profitability when it does come.

    • carbryce Jan 24, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

      The only thing NOK did wrong was post earnings 1/2 day after AAPL. The isheep reporters are lashing out and trying to bring everything else down with it. They can't handle the fact that their precious little (cr)AAPL sucks balls!

      Flippin' ridiculous!

    • shorts and negative public will find black in white dress, but Nokia will buybuck some shares :), and have postive 2013.,

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    • Problem was the media having prepared negative spin. Once the first spin was obvious everyone including me knew where it went. Of course i didnt sell because i hope one time it will blow up in their face, knowing its a short job.
      Once the spin was obvious traders sold out and this started a chain reaction. Its lower now then the pre announcement was a month ago ?! LOLOLOL.

    • Couldn't agree more!

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