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  • groovenirvana groovenirvana Jan 24, 2013 9:17 PM Flag

    Nokia Longs are Winners / This Board Will Guarantee Make You $$$

    Okay. Since the reality of the CC is not the cup of tea around here. Let's provide fantasy.

    Q4 was a blowout and Q1 will continue the trend. Weakness in NSN going forward will be offset by huge growth and huge improvement in margins in Devices. The profit projection of -2% for Devices is just Elop trying to surprise the market in the Q1 report. In fact, Elop is purposefully trying to hide all these huge China Mobile Sales from investors and analysts. That's why he didn't give any kind of specific guidance about China at all except to say that the quarter will be challenging.

    Nokia's cash balance is huge. They can weather quarter after quarter of losses without a problem. The company is not in danger. It's just the sinister crooks on Wall Street and Jim Cramer trying to keep a good man down because they are all AAPL fanboys.

    Today's stock performance isn't really important. $20 is still on the way, if only you just close your eyes and believe. Institutional buyers will be lining up around the block to pick up a company with negative margins in its core business. In fact it's happening as we speak. Again, just close your eyes and believe with all your heart.

    And for the record, I just bought 386,981 shares at 4.17 (today's market bottom). Of course, I bought them back after I shorted 345,671 from $4.87 (today's high). I will continue to make these winning trades (like so many others here) so long as I have the highs and lows at the end of each day.

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