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  • sambu_das sambu_das Jan 25, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    Here's why Nokia is going to do better than APPL, including a couple of secrets......

    1. Nokia's dividend is higher by percentage.
    2. Nokia doesn't hire underage workers!
    3. Apple pays Nokia a lot of money to use its patented technology, every quarter, like clockwork.
    4. Nokia has a better smartphone.
    5. Nokia has a cheaper smartphone
    6. The reason why people in the Northern hemisphere don't get it is because of this: people in less affluent countries can't afford an expensive phone, so they buy a Nokia because they can afford it. But here is the real secret reason why Nokia outperforms in the tropics: their phone is an unbreakable tank! IN the tropics just about anything can happen to your phone. heat, humidity, hurricanes, You name it. So if there is a risk to your phone malfunctioning, why pay a lot for it? If you buy a Nokia and it malfunctions or dies on you, you haven't lost out on much money. If you buy an iphone and take it to the beach and get sand in it and it dies, apple isn't going to just give you a new phone for nothing. But you can replace your cheap nokia with another cheap nokia! Nokia phones are unbreakable tanks! I have rarely seen one die because of heat or humidity, or sand at the beach. People won't spend wha they don't have to spend, and what little they do have they spend on things like Nokia because they won't break, and if they do, they are cheap to replace.
    But you have to live in the tropics or have lived in the tropics to know this. My prediction is that in the coming months we will see Nokia go up and apple go down. And even if apple sells no phones, just remember, it has to pay royalties to Nokia every three months, no matter what.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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