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  • smeauky513 smeauky513 Jan 28, 2013 6:45 AM Flag

    NOK (slightly) in the green in Euro markets and down 5 cents in pre-US market ... Do I sell and buy YHOO and then come back or hold?

    Yahoo's financial report announcement is today, and I am hearing great things - perhaps a marked jump today and overnight into tomorrow in the stock. Do you think I should sell all my NOK shares to get in on YHOO for this increase, and then buy back NOK later? I am also liking that Ford has their earnings on Tuesday, and Facebook on Wednesday ... any advice guys?

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    • Well, can't you buy $3,000 worth of option calls (July $5 calls to be safe) in a separate account just so you're covered. It's the best way to play this deal - to eat your cake and have it too. If not then sell just half of your Nokia stock.

      Or if you're Jewish or Christian, do what they used to do in the bible - draw lots and go with the stock that comes up in the lot. There, now you have options to choose from. Good luck!

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    • as if anyone on these boards are expert stock pickers. We wouldn't be rummaging for others ideas if we were all making the big bucks.

    • I understand you thoughts, but the thing that always gets me is if I think NOK is reaching a bottom ( which I believe it is ) because even if you get it a little cheaper in a few days, you have to factor in the tax liability from the sale today. Will it erode the benefit of obtaining a few more shares. IMHO.

    • If switching to buy the tops and constantly selling for losses is your thing. Remember these articles that get you to buy are there not to make you money but for them to sell into when it is past the time to buy. Or these articles try and get you to sell when it is time to buy.

      Just remember the articles are not there to make you money but to make them money. I don't know the answer to this, but ask yourself. How many times did I buy a stock when the majority of articles told me to buy and I made money. Like I said I don't know the answer, but it should help you make your decision.

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    • Nokia is oversold in my opinion and they have so many potential sales leaks that can come out any day or any number of big name analyst upgrades given there's still over 20 with SELL or Strong sell ratings. That's a lot of upgrades due to start coming out like now and once they start its gonna be a constant stream so I doubt you'll get a dip to buy back in.

      Just do half your position or buy some OTM calls - they're so cheap now. July $5 calls are very cheap. That's 6 months and great insurance in case it spikes. Good luck!

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    • It doesn't matter. There's so much accumulation that it makes just too much sense to drop it to below $4 where all those cheap shares are waiting with their scared stop loss order waiting to be taken out. People are so foolish. They actually think the street is fair.

      If I'm right then when it dips below $4 is the time to load up cause it won't stay there long, maybe 1 hour, 2 - max and then the pps should pop back up to above support levels: $4.08.

      I've got another 1.5 hours to come up with $3,000. This would be a good time to know some of my old high school buddies - the Russian Loan Sharking ones. lol, 10% per month but man they had the cash any time of day or night and no questions asked. Only 1 simple rule: Just make sure you pay on time. Ha!

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