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  • fr3nchmodel fr3nchmodel Jan 29, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    Have you thanked an Indian lately???


    "AHEMEDABAD: The Brand Trust Report, India Study - 2013 has chosen Nokia as India's Most Trusted Brand this year. Nokia leads for the third consecutive year."

    Source: economictimes.indiatimes

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    • That's worth $1 per share all by itself. India as well as china are due to start buying smartphones this year at a much higher rate than in the past. Huge conversation from 2G to 3G/4G smartphones is happening and China plus India (3 billion people) are most loyal to Nokia above all other cellphone operators. Nokia just needed a good array of phones at all price points to replace Symbian and now they have it.

      Time to jet!

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    • Yes India kept Nokia going , especially the Asha but it is going to be China that is going to power the higher ended high margin side, Here we are talking about ex cities of course because in the major cities things are about the same but in the the massive countrywide that going to make the serious difference because you really need the support infrastructure as well; you cannot for example buy a iphone and when it breakdown, you have to take a flight to a major cities to get it fixed and fly another time to collect it. You got to be able to do it with the 800,000 support stores that are familiar with that product and if they do not have the parts, they just pop by just across the town to get it. Yes they are not exactly trained Nok engineers but they can do the job.

      Nokia has it, Apple do not. That is why China Mobile can never want iphone because the Chinese and Indians hinterlands will never demand for it. And probably after Tim made several trips to Asia, he gave up. Now for the bad news, Androids is entrenched. Lesser in India where Nok is leading even the Androids (which is why Nok is actually doing MSFT a favour there) but definitely much more in China, That is why China Mobile push is critical there, of course the Chinese additional loyalty to MSFT helps, Still that is PCs though, and one is seeing this as a good test case if the brandname can actually crossover. Of course Nok further incentive as a total communications partner with CHina Mobile, providing all sorts of support from top ended phones to lower ended phones to help in the infrastracture network restructuring to now as Nok demonstrated investing on their grounds. So analyst who is writing about iphone need to know even if iphone were to land, it will never be promoted , nor subsidised nor supported like the Lumia or, here is the bad news, entrenched Androids , because unlike the West, where everything is ready, this is the wild wild East,

    • Indian people know the value of their hard earned cash and they know how to spend it wisely. I do admire their smart choice and not like many of our unwisely arrogant people in this country.

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    • if it weren't for the dam indians, "tax raid" would've never happened, pre-earnings wouldn't have happened, q4 earnings would have surprised analysts leading to over $5

      fk the indians

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