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  • luv_n_peace_4ever luv_n_peace_4ever Jan 30, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    Could the shorts have inside info that shortage of lumias still not resolved?

    I mean how else could they be so emboldedned day in day out with a product in huge demand. The shortage is the only thing I can think of and I am honestly surprised what the heck elop is thinking in not bringing this thing under control by now. When I think he is getting better, I can conjecture only that he is digressing if he does not say something about this suplly shortage issue. What the heck is he waiting for? For the shorts to have complete control of this stock and drive it down on a daily basis to 2+? Elop wake up and smell the coffee. I know it takes him a while to act on anything. I hope for our sake he is doing something at least about the 920T for china mobile or else china mobile will kick nok's behind out and got with htc, huwaei and samsung. I hope he realizes this basic thing. China mobile is not going to sit and wait until nok rectifies its stupid supply issue, imo. This kind of management is incomprehensible to me.

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    • Folks, this luvnpeace jerk is one of two things either 1. A plant whose purpose is to interject a bunch of emotion. Notice on down days the sky is falling with this fool and on an up day it's all rosy OR 2. He's just some irrational newb trading small money while watching porn. At least he is consistent about his comments about the CEO, in which case if he is in the #2 category, he is double stupid for investing long in a company that employs a CEO in which he has no confidence. (That comment goes for any other long here that bashes the CEO yet remains long)

      Either way, you would do well to put this "person" on ignore.

      I think you have stated your break even is mid 5's. IF true, PLEASE sell your shares and move on.

      back on ignore.

    • I would not worry about it, Nokia is keenly aware of what they need to produce. Build a better phone, the world will beat a path to your door, just make sure when the world shows up, which undoubtedly Nokia underestimated the demand, that you can feed them. Have no doubt that Nokia is addressing this as quickly as possible. Dont get distracted by the current "malaise", that will resolve itself in short order, if you believe any issues that Nokia has should be resolved according to your schedule, well it doesnt happen that way. There are dollars to be made in Nokia, noise is what is happening with the trading, any time I can get my hands on some dollars, even if its only for 100 shares, I'll buy more Nokia stock, will accumulate while it is under $5 and hopefully will be at 50K shares before it breaks out to the upside. The one thing you need to keep in mind, the Lumia 920T will be going for less that 50 cents to the Chinese to get their hands on them, this is like giving the phones away for free. It will be a huge demand in China for these, just wont know how many Nokia could actually deliver until 1Q13 results. Even if only 5% of the Chinese take advantage of this offering, that is 35M phones. Apple has already said Q113 will be somewhat weak, my guess is Nokia will report more Lumias sold in 1Q13 than Apple will. Once Nokia does this, Nokia will have the momentum that Apple will not be able to catch up with, add in other international sales, a tablet, Verizon, and some other stuff Nokia has indicated, 2013 will belong to Nokia, just have to be patient, and accumulate like me - :)

    • They must be looking inside each other's #$%$ for this info. LOL

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