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  • iknowubyip iknowubyip Jan 31, 2013 5:14 PM Flag

    I dont understand shorting and what kind of messages to post

    Can a pro help me with the tricks of the trade.

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    • Thanks Pal but I think what you are doing is illegal. I don't know myself. But it sounds illegal.

      Internet fraud

      According to enforcement officials of the Securities and Exchange Commission, criminals engage in pump-and-dump schemes, in which false and/or fraudulent information is disseminated in chat rooms, forums, internet boards and via email (spamming), with the purpose of causing a dramatic price increase in thinly traded stocks or stocks of shell companies (the "pump").

      When the price reaches a certain level, criminals immediately sell off their holdings of those stocks (the "dump"), realizing substantial profits before the stock price falls back to its usual low level. Any buyers of the stock who are unaware of the fraud become victims once the price falls.[8]

      The SEC says that Internet fraud resides in several forms:
      Online investment newsletters that offer seemingly unbiased information free of charge about featured companies or recommending "stock picks of the month." These newsletter writers then sell shares, previously acquired at lower prices, when hype-generated buying drives the stock price up. This practice is known as scalping. Conflict of interest disclosures incorporated into a newsletter article may not be sufficient. Bulletin boards that often contain fraudulent messages by hucksters.

      So It sure sounds like what you are doing is actually illegal. I don't know. Maybe it is. Maybe you are not as slick as you think. Sure not for me.

    • buy 1000000000 shares to short
      then you'll feel next is not an orgasm, it's a squeeze!

    • Tip 1.) Learn to lie incessantly, and then "pretend" that you're long, while bashing.
      Tip 2.) Call legitimate longs "pumpers", and then make sure you post endless negative spam.
      Tip 3.) Post mindless #$%$ about president Obama, even though it's not related to trading.
      Tip 4.) Be annoying and stupid, so that you fit in with the other shorts and pretend longs.
      Tip 5.) Tell others people that you just sold, when you never owned the stock in the first place...

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