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  • johncurts95 johncurts95 Feb 1, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    Who bought yesterday for the Long term @ $3.90?

    Of course Lucky me! It's better to be lucky than good any day. You all are a breath of fresh air to wake up to each morning as You are Taking me to School, including You Educated Bearish Posters who I appreciate greatly. Some of the not fit for the board I did put on the ignore list, but a highly well versed Bear is very valuable, so please keep up this "We agree to Disagree". My new handle may be SWAG6641, Some Wild #$%$ Guess is all I have. thanks again and Good Luck to "All"!! Old Man J.C. out!!

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    • I to bought in yesterday at $3.90. First time buying a stock in a long time. Huge Nokia fan and very excited about the future of the company. Looking forward to the ride.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I added a small amount to my larger position. I looked at some cash just sitting there (having at least some ready cash is a good thing) and thought "What else am I holding cash for - what else could I buy where I will very likely see substantial gains in the next few months?".

      I don't know of anything close to Nokia's 12 month risk/reward ratio. Buy on dips. Why not?

    • If you didn't buy you were stupid! Buy on the sell offs. Long on Nokia.

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    • jmck6193 Feb 1, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

      I bought in day before at 4.08
      I was in NOK over a year ago and done ok I might add
      Reason being I bought in was I also own VRNG ( and as most of you already new is that VRNG bought 500 patents from NOK) and any lawsuit wins is that a nice percentage goes to NOK (can't recall the %) and for me that's a win win.
      Vringo announced yesterday they filed suit against Microsoft (BTW is one of the patents NOK owned) and most believes they will settle sense Google lost it's case to Vringo and thus more suits down the pipe line that's more cash for not only Vringo but Nokia as well.
      So I would say my "Portfolio" looks pretty good for my retirement.
      Good luck to all and God Bless your investments

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    • Yea , it is always a good start to the day when nok is up. The last few days have been not been good so today feels great. I to have added to my position at 4.27, 4.10, and 3.96(5 k shares each) and now have a total 0f 78 K shares. It is easy to worry short term but long term i think we should be ok, better than Ok , probably great. We should hit 10 easily in the near future. Last year at this time share price was higher, but co. was in worse shape, so I think good times r ahead for NOK.

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    • Bought some (@$3.90) to trade around my core position (@$2.87). I may use this position to sell the news and buy back in once the dust settles. Overall I want to build up the small position to take advantage of the growth Nokia will have in the coming years. The news of the Graphene research practically sealed the deal for my trading position, I've been looking into how to invest in that since the Nobel prize back in 2010.

    • I bought my 4th long position executed at $3.88 yesterday, lucky entry point in day. I cost averaged and totally in for long haul. Average $4.30 now, so have a little catching up to do but what's ..25 cents gonna matter when the stock is 6.50-7.50 +. Be strong, dont let them take your shares.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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