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  • sanctionerlord sanctionerlord Feb 1, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    My NOK play (opinons welcome

    Been long 7k shares since may last year averaged down from 4.00 to 2.89, sold last week at 4.20 took profits bought 70 2014 jan 4.00 calls.
    So with upside covered i am using my capital agian to sell puts, i will take premiums if market flat and or i will let them be exercised and build another long position for the next run up and do the same agian.

    that my working plan.
    What other plays are the rest of you employing on NOK?

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    • Sanctioner, your strategy sounds good. I am just long the straight equity, but then I have never been very imaginative. Don't listen to the guy telling you to go highly leveraged on FX. Everyone who goes highly leveraged gets closed out when the market moves a couple of points away from him. It doesn't matter whether your view was correct or not, you get closed out and lose nearly everything. That's the way these highly leveraged FX shops work. Margin is your enemy.

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    • jdlowvoltage000 Feb 1, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

      My opinion.. stop taking small gains you are going to miss the Nokia train..after the 25th we will see 5.00 you will sell and I'll be long when your strike guys in January I will be holding my shares at 120pps after the dethrone of apple

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    • That would seem about right, but thats only on your shares, if you really want to play options, and I've done 5 option contracts at once, thats 10K to 1, try you hand over in Forex on the minis. Now if you have balls and the cash, regular Forex leverage is 100k to 1. Just a 1 cent move for me was $500, but I stick with the minis, but a regualr Forex option and playing just 5, that would have been a $5,000 profit on just 1 cent. Trading is very easy except you are trading currency pairs. You can make a whole lot more money play in the Forex sandbox because that is the largest sandbox to be trading in. You'd be surprised just how quickly that you can make money over there. If you think the shorts are vicious in equities, man oh man, shorting along side the shorts over there, what do you call it when it rains cash, boatloads of cash, and the shorts cover just as quick over there as well. Thats where I trade options when I trade in Forex.

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