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  • skeetz1234 skeetz1234 Feb 1, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    Cheer Up - Nokia Aint Apple

    If you bought above $700 and then got emotionally attached and rode it down, you would be out roughly $250/share and you would be crying the blues big time. Folks over at Apple may be trying to determine if there is any legal action they can take to recoup losses but no one told them to load up on Apple, no one held a gun to their head to buy, no one held a gun to their head to not sell, they were just greedy greedy greedy. And that greed is exactly what will help to move Nokia forward, I'm sure they will be looking for something that will be going up instead of watching in horror as more of their money disappears. One would have thought after they lost $100/share that they would have learned all they need to know about losing money, but I guess some of them are real hard heads, even at a $200/share loss, they havent learned their lesson, and now its $250/share and they still have not learned their lesson. Some will hang onto it until it bottoms out, then they will exit, buy high and sell low, yeah, that is certainly how you make money in the market, money for someone else that is.

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    • jdlowvoltage000 Feb 1, 2013 5:12 PM Flag

      Problem is that they will move their money to rimm because the media says so and they will be left holding the bag once again.. apple fans a sheep and follow the herd blindly even in they're investments.. unfortunately they will follow the media guidance to buy rim..analyst and firms no full well who the winner will be after China Toyota.. it's only a matter of time until the media flips on running like they did on apple..and then you will see investors move to Nokia...story's always the same though..not until they are told to..

      i really dont know how they can be so blind to how the game works..they think analyats opinion isnt paid and is just there to guide them in the right you mean there would be a benifit if someone distorted the truth and got me to invest on a stock they own? I think something in the water?

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      • I like the tidbit they were publishing today by Strategy Analytics that Apple was No.1 in the smartphone market in the US with 34%. I also found a nice tidbit by Counterpoint Research that says LG pushed Apple into third place in N. American market with 13%, Apple 12% and of course Samsung in first with 33% in December. I think the December figures are more important as they show the decline of Apple during the holiday season. They will try anything to stay afloat, as billions are at stake. Dudes we know only Nokia can finish off the dying " behemoth" (as MF likes to call them). LOL

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