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  • johncurts95 johncurts95 Feb 2, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

    I'm a Blue Collar Man! What is your Occupation?

    Since this is Down Time I am Proud to say I work at Eagle Wings Inc. in Rantoul IL. We are the Sister Company for Diamond Star Mitsubishi in Bloomington IL.....Diamond Star Manufactures the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport which is an Awesome SUV. We Manufacture the Frame of the car before the Steel Metal is attached. We also Manufacture the Exhaust Manifold for Honda of Canada and 2 other Honda facilities on the East Coast, plus Mits and Toyota. Our new contracts are with more Toyota makes, and "General Motor" as we Manufacture the Framing for all sun roofs for all Automobile Corps. We also manufacture the Roof Rail for many Corporations World Wide!! Every Station which I supply the parts for via Forklift are State of the Art Robot Welders. this is an amazing operation, and I'm Dame Proud to be a "Blue Collar Man"...Styx, and I'm "The Working Man, that's what I Am"...Rush!! We use Total Quality Management Principals for all SOP's,and We are Ba,Ba,Ba,Ba....Bad to the Bone!!! Also Car Sales for 2013 are up from 13.5 million in 2012 to 15.5 million give or take a few which bodes well for our Corporation!! So what's up with you Punks?? HeHeHe...Have a Blessed Day!! J.C. out!

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    • iron workers built the world baby!!!

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      • H, what are you talking about.HEHEHE. iRON WORKERS ARE THE BACK BONE OF THIS COUNTRY FOR SURE....yes that was screming. I have a friend Joe Biemick who for 10 years helped build Skyscrapers in Chicago 365. Yes in the dead of winter with wind chill of -30 and kick butt big time. My brother in law has l been concrete finisher for 32 years and has made a huge differnce in the landscape of champign Il. Dam right H. GBY!!

    • Just a reminder, if your pension fund is heavy into Apple make sure them people take profits from time to time. Nothing lasts forever.LOL

    • We have some real talent, skill, education and experience on this board. How can we harness that toward our benefit. I mean, first how do we cut through the crazy pumping and bashing threads that burry useful threads. I learned some good stuff just on this thread alone. Thanks!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • And this has what(?) to do with Nokia?

      Still, while I'm here, a comment you may find interesting - you say you deliver materials to work stations via forklift, and your operation uses TQM.

      TQM focuses on quality, not efficiency, but often (not always) if you work to improve one, you improve the other. In my shadowy past, I liked to think of myself as having some insight into productivity. When I visited an operation where they actually worked on real stuff (as opposed to office operations), one thing I looked for was forklifts. If I saw a forklift in operation, I knew I was getting into an area where we could improve efficiency. If you were to visit USP operations in KY, where they move millions of items on a regular basis, you will not see any fork lifts. They are efficient.

      I'm not saying no to fork lifts. I am saying you should consider alternatives to fork lifts for routine delivery of materials. Get a group of diverse people (operators, engineers, etc) together and do some brainstorming and I think you'll be surprised at how many lower cost/highly effective methods there are to move stuff from one place to another that don't involve fork lifts.

      There - I normally get paid a lot of money to give advice like that - yours for free!

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      • Thank you for the information. I go to work each day to run my own business. I am responsible for all operations in my areas Unsupervised. I constantly create superior performance in by business, which secures the profits I'm paid by my corporation called a pay check earned the old fashion way called Hard Work and an Honesty. If you don't get me brother, that's cool with me. Have a good night.

      • lol THAT`S A GOOD ONE......oopps rEVERSE TYPO hehehehe Your UPS is upside down too...i`M FORGIVEN i GUESS.

        Have a good weekend!!!

      • I never go with the "State of The Art", that implies, limited to no track record, no reliability record, repair and maintenance cost are not known, and because of the very limited amount produced, the "State of the Art" is generally very expensive, and when it comes time to bring something new on line, you have no idea what the depreciation rate will be. How many folks have you heard of that have participated in the latest and greatest cures that are still being tested, and they come out and tell you, we think it will work, but we could be wrong, you just might wind up dying anyways, its "State of The Art" medicince. Give me "State Of The Practice" any ole day.

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