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  • redsnake198001 redsnake198001 Feb 5, 2013 5:41 AM Flag

    Lumia 920T doing very well across various “China Mobile stores”.

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    • I like to give you some updates about Lumia sales in China since many of you are very interested in this. Before going to the specific numbers, I like to remind you the fact that all the numbers I got are from internet sales, while most Chinese still go to the real store to buy cellphones.
      920T: I checked all the China Mobile websites, it seems that most provinces have not started to sell 920T yet. Both Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong are out of stocks; Shangdong province sold most 920T (over 1000) and they still have black in stock. There are still 920Ts in stores such as Tmall, but they are without contract. Talking about contract, there are 1 year, 2 year and 3 year contracts available. I can tell you the phone with contract will be very popular. Here is why: Many Chinese can get the reimbursement of their cellphone bill from their work, so a free phone with contract is just like to get a phone for themselves and let their company to pay the monthly bill.

      Total sale of 920T in Tmall was more than 1K two days ago.

      920: seems to be more availabe than 920T. There have been about 2K sale in Tmall.

      620: It seems that 620 is selling very well based on the information from Tmall. 620 was available in mid-Jan? There have been about 2K sale in Tmall.

      800, 820, 800c, 710: They seems to be selling well in Tmall too.

      All the sales of 920T, 920, 620, 800, 820, 800c and 710 are over 10K in Tmall. Remember, the largest obline distributor of Nokia is 360buy, who signed a deal with Nokia about 300MM$ sale in 2013, so I guess 360buy should have sold more phones than Tmall. Another distributor is Amazon China. There are no sale number in 360buy and Amazon.

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    • Check tmall amounts

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    • 15 units sold today at China Mobile says the description of NL920T.... I am not satisfied.

      ¥4599元起 全场免运费

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    • Yep they started shipping in December. January February shipping full steam ahead.

    • From nokiapoweruser:

      Our reader “Test” has sent us tip about how Lumia 920T is fairing across various “China Mobile” stores in the Country, and it seems it is doing really well. It goes like this,

      Guang #$%$ store:
      Lumia 920T is out of stock and it is the most popular phone for the month as shown in the above screenshot.
      Beijing store:
      Lumia 920T is listed as the second most popular smartphone after the Note II.


      Shanghai store:

      Lumia 920T was sold out and appears to be one of the most popular devices at this store as well.


      Shan#$%$ store:

      Lumia 920T is supposedly sold out at Shan#$%$ store. But according to the tipster, it may need to be verified by some native Chinese speaker.


      Lumia 920T was not easily available in start and the stock situation has improved only during later part of January. Anyways, good to see Lumia 920T and Lumia 920 both doing well in China. Hopefully, with stock situation improving “China Mobile” deal may be able to realise its full potential.

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    • I suspect that drifter talking yesterday about China must have been a short. lol. MM's are in process of accommodating short covering every day. I'm pretty sure there will be mention of China business in near future.

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