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  • luv_n_peace_4ever luv_n_peace_4ever Feb 5, 2013 8:30 AM Flag

    this is why nok has been down, msft backstabbing nok with huawei of china in africa, first n then whk knows?

    MSFT is as evil as it comes n elop has made a deal with the devil, imo. So, elop now that it is done, tell your previous master, evil baldy balmer to bring it on, cause no engineers in this world make as good n beautiful phones as nok engineers. I probably can understand why MSFT is peddling to the Chinese,cause they will not create short supply. Nokia will win in the end, if only elop gets in gear n fight for nok like a real CEO with guts, imo. Good luck longs. New front opened by backstabbing evil baldy balmer against our Nokia. Let us take baldy balmer n his Chinese head on Mr Ahitisari.

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    • What Nokia has to do is to establish itself as the premier hardware offering for Windows 8 smart technology whether it runs on a phone, tablet, or a laptop.

      Exactly where did Microsoft say that it had an exclusive agreement with Nokia that Windows 8 would only run on Nokia phones and no other manufacturers? Exactly where did Nokia say that it had an exclusive agreement with Microsoft that Windows 8 would only run on Nokia phones and no other manufacturers?

      Microsoft has had a long history of having Windows OS run on a variety hardware platforms from different vendors . . . .pretty much from the beginning when Microsoft decided to split from an underlying OS from IBM Dos and went with MS Dos and then went to Windows. That been the track record since the early 1980s., Microsoft software is open architecture and anyone that can port anything over to their hardware and run it, can and do. Microsoft has always worked with other vendors.

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      • I believe you have a good point, but what I am implying is msft is taking on nok in Africa, cause that is where nok is strongly offering asha phones and this is msft's way to counteract nok by going with huawei win phones in africa. That is the part of msft's evil strategy I didn't like in Africa where nok's strength is truly the asha phones. Having said that msft may be just as frustrated as everybody else with this never ending supply shortage of lumia phones which msft may see as impeding its foray into the mobile phone arena and may be encouraging others like huawei to take a lead. The concern I have with the supply issue at nok is it is failing to take advantage of the opportunities that are being given to it by all carriers all over the world to bring a third eco system with win phones. In spite of having produced the best smartphone in the universe, imo, it is flailing at the supply end and frankly, I do not know when this ceo is ever going to rectify this problem or even publicly address it why it continues to be so. He just sits there and wishes it will go away. It won't, elop. Do something about it instead.

    • We can all withhold our votes for Elop if not happy. Baldy may lose his job but he could play the Frankenstein monster ( like that guy that was in the movie with Madelin Kahn) and still make money. LOL

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