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  • jdjlhines jdjlhines Feb 5, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    Am I the only one...

    I have apple products. I'm long Nok and enjoy wp8. Am I the only one that thinks BB10 looks like a joke? It's looks convoluted and fairly ugly. Why is everyone heaping praises on bbry? If NOK would have put that out they would have been laughed off the continent. I don't get it.

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    • Steve Wozniak called WP8 'beautiful'.

      Enough said?

    • Excellent point. I have been wondering myself and have stated so on this msg board a couple of times. This is how wall st operate along with their bloggers. I believe they do not see rimm as threat as much as they do nokia. That is why they hate nokia so much in the usa, cause they are all invested full throttle in apple and goog (droid phones), and nok is the one they are worried about and so they attack it with all kinds of stupid blogs day in day out. That is why nok's managment should not give any execuse to these goons when it comes to execution and that is why I find it frustrating we don't see any meanigful nok ad's at all and also the stupidity of nok's management of not resolving the supply problem with lumias. Product development at nok is superior thanks to their brilliant engineers, but marketing really SUCKS!!!! Even their own sales people are frustrated by the supply shortage. I didn't say it, elop said it. What has he done about it????

    • jdlowvoltage000 Feb 5, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

      Basically bbry is currently the high bidder to media outlets that actually only only is representative of a few high power people and a couple large payment's.

      If you were to really think about the media you might ask do they make money? might say commercials.. to that I would say exactly.. nothing different than product placement really..

      Nokia is not part of this game.. I understand this game and trade only with this strategy..bbry currently only solidifies my conclusion to Nokia... I find a stock highly pumped by media..cnet.. CNBC..verge..etc...and then find they're competition.. usually bashed below they're worth..Nokia fits the bill like always accept one glaring difference this time I have noticed..they messed with the wrong cat..Nokia with dethrone apple and bbry.. Samsung not so easy

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • A lot of the hype is coming from BlackBerry's 79 Million users. They still have a large installed user base and a good amount of corporate lock-in. Plus BlackBerry's security is keeping them in the game, especially on the corporate side.

      It's not about how the OS looks - it's about what it does (and doesn't do). That's why BlackBerry still has a puncher's chance. 

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      • carbryce Feb 5, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

        So BB has approx 80% of those 79 million users outside of the UK, Canada, UAE and US. Can someone enlighten us to when BB10 will be available to them? Better yet, when a BB10 model the vast majority of that demographic can afford is available?


        In the meantime, Asha's, L 505's, L 620's are being launched daily and available at a store nearest you.

        ~on a side note, I only wish Nokia would use the same user base stat for themselves. There are tens of millions that are actively using Nokia phones (Symbian, Asha or feature phones).

    • carbryce Feb 5, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

      I absolutely love the metro UI but there are a few ideas MS needs to take from BB10 and integrate asap.

      Notification Center for and "x" out of apps for starters. It's a bit embarrassing MS didn't put them in and its the only thing that bothers me about the relationship between NOK and MS.

      NOK has been extremely diligent (in my mind at least) on providing updates on their app's. I feel I'm at the mercy of MS, since the issues I have are OS related not device related.

    • same here... i got excited anout bb10, then check out their phones and became bored.

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