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  • groovenirvana2013 groovenirvana2013 Feb 6, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    Shooting the Messenger Won't Change the Message

    You would think that some of you would be thanking me for bringing actual real data to this board. Before all you had was shameless pumstars citing Nokiapoweruser. Now you at least have some real legitimate data to base your investment decisions on. No one before me brought this treasure trove of info on here. None of you even bother to check the other stocks, like AAPL and BBRY, for information. It's NOK tunnel vision. A surround sound of backslapping and self-congratulating and filtering out any and all negative data. It's "Rocket Ship to the Moon!!!!" and everything else is filed under "short/basher/Momo."

    So hurl insults all you want. I'm actually providing something constructive unlike the real bashers.

    We simply have a difference of opinion. And you refuse to accept that. So you hurl insults and attack.

    Well, guess what? It won't change the facts. Whatever they are. If Nokia is selling like gangbusters in China, then the Bloomberg article is wrong. You'll have your Q1 victory and you can gloat all you want.

    But what if the Bloomberg article is right? It has real data and the reporters even took the time to check on the ground at China Mobile stores. It has quotes from a rep at China Mobile stating that the supply is just not there. And if the order number is correct (an anemic 90,000) then neither is the end demand.

    I'm the one that brought you this crucial golden nugget of data that you now throw in my face. Not your precious buddy longs with links to Nokiapoweruser.

    Keep hating me. It won't change the facts. No matter what those facts turn out to be.

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    • Groove,
      are you planning to buy Nokia again if you keep following? Or just following to calm yourself that selling was the right decision? If second- for how long will you keep following?

      Just curious, no bashing.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to dddjzzz
      • Dddjzzz, are you serious? Look at his screenname, "2013" and click on groovennirvana2013 name. Check his history. All his posts were today! You cant take someone seriously if he just made his first post earlier today. Groovennirvana2013 is the new shorts these days pretending to be a concerned investors.

        He even told me ge hadn't posted since last week! LOL
        Now, comes the excuse!

      • No. Of course I'll buy it. If it gets lower AND the right conditions are there.

        First and foremost, I would like to see the tax issue gone. A lot of people here are saying it's a non-issue. Those same people were the ones that said the dividend cut was just short rumors and nothing more.

        Second, I'd love to see Elop gone. Some part of me believes that he is a MSFT plant that wants to BK the company so MSFT can buy the parts for pennies on the dollar.

        Third, taking up Android would have me buy the stock in two seconds flat. Why is Nokia tying itself to a rotting corpse like MSFT? MSFT will work with anyone (Samsung included) but Nokia is supposed to stay loyal to an operation system that doesn't have widespread market acceptance. MSFT just gave Huawei a huge Africa deal and left Nokia out. And in Q1 Nokia will be paying more in royalties than it gets in platform support.

        Finally, more clarity and enthusiasm in the CC's. The last CC is what caused me to bail.

        I follow Nokia because I follow AAPL (trust me, I'm aware of the problems there, too). I haven't posted in days here. I only posted because the Bloomberg article was worth it.

        It's the responses that trigger all my further comments.

        Hope that clears that up for you.


    • Thank you for furnishing us the real numbers.can you move on now.Anonymous sources are fake sources.Whether its India taxes or now your China source..anonymous sources are way of covering your #$%$ speculative story.Even if the China story is true,that was 4 weeks into the China launch and its expected when Nokia is launching the lumias in 4 continents.Sad to see people speculating a non-story because they can't find any other story about Nokia.

      The L920 was heavy...that's all the experts could find fault.Now,Nokia can't supply the Lumias because demand is exceeding is there an anemic demand when you are claiming (according to bloomberg article) Nokia is having a difficulty time meeting the meagre 90,000 preorders? can you expand on that please.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • dude, you've been doing this since $2.50. The only thing that has changed is that NOK is way up despite your bashing. Did not listen to you then. Why listen to you now? #$%$ idiot!

    • Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres.
      You sources are tainted. your gathering them taints you.
      Bloomberg is so Apple biased that one begins to wonder if "heard on the street" is about to happen all over again. I would not be surprised if it is found that the reporters and commentator are heavily invested in Apple at the same time that they emit opinions guised as impartial analysis.
      The same is true for the WSJ under Murdock . After the brittish scandal I am surprised they have not been closed out from reporting. I guess it is sign of the times.
      "Caveat Emptor"
      Nokia demised is heavily exaggerated.

    • stop being stupid, shorts. although you guys are good at pumping out "bad news" whenever NOK starts to go up.

      1. that interview was conducted on Feb 1st and the report was release at 6pm, it has no impact on the stock price at all in ah trading. if NOK drops tomorrow, it'll only be because of overall market drops.

      2. so called china mobile spokeswoman, her name was not mentioned before.

      3. 30k phones might be for 1 city or town of china for china mobile, instead of whole country.

      4. it only proofs how popular nokia is in china. demand higher than supply

      5. there are other telecoms in china are selling 920, not just china telecom sellling 920t

      6. in worse case, even if was just 30k in Jan, it's still bonus that Nokia didn't have/get from Q4 2012. I highly doubt that NOK will just launch 30k phones for china mobile knowing how big china mobile is.

      7. lumia 620 seemingly selling well around the world which has been just launched in 2013 for the most part

      8. NSN already got announced a few new contract in jan 2013, and so did Navteq.

      no matter how you slice it, Q1 will be a great quarter for NOK in 2013.

    • wow, you have been out in full mode

      you must have shorted, didnt you?

      • 1 Reply to sleepyd1ck
      • I didn't short!!!!!!!!!!!

        Man, how many times do I have to say it? And I haven't posted since last week.

        It's always the same story around here. I provide something of value. Then I get insulted. Then I feel forced to respond to those insults.

        Along the way, I've kind of been hoping the discussion would become fruitful. For example, where we could discuss the broader implications of market dislocation and stock prices in telecom. Doesn't anyone find the recent upheaval and fluctuations in stock prices of NOK, BBRY, and AAPL interesting?

        I'm having a lot of trouble evaluating AAPL (of which, yes, I'm long) and wouldn't mind some well-reasoned comments good or bad on it.

        Shortnokia and I may agree. But that is where we part ways. I really don't want to get into insults. Though I've been guilty of it (apologies to fr3nchmodel and others).

        Whatever. I'll keep posting whatever solid info I have. If people want to keep me on ignore they can do that at their own investment peril.

        By posting up that Bloomberg article, I know I did my good deed for the day.

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