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  • robegratz robegratz Feb 7, 2013 1:06 AM Flag

    " said Li Yan, a China Mobile spokeswoman"

    I checked her profile and discovered she currently holds position as Director of Self Marketing Douban
    Her past position was manager of product innovation at Samsung Electronics and Senior Experience Designer at Lenovo.
    I can't find her connection with China Mobile other than Bloomberg telling us.

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    • I have read this thread about "Li Yan",,,but what was she supposed to have said?

    • I use Baidu to search the name and China Mobile. All Chinese media/website cited the news from Bloomberg, but not from China Mobile.

    • Li Yan is actually doing us a huge favor, by feeding back the real picture on the ground. So we now know, Lucia 920T is stunning, China Mobile market it well and the Chinese love it ordering them within just days after lunch even though they were topd they are going home empty handed for their year end shopping.

      Come on , how would you like to go home empty handed for your all important year end shopping. Nok cannot hold back this sort of problems but must resolve it immediately. , China Mobile already gave their all . Even Nokia Poweruser ,a harden Nok fan sit3 is sayig the same thing. the ball is really in Nok court and I emphasise, Li Yan did us a favour by telling us the gassroots problem so early in this game. I have always mentioned the manufacturing is a bottleneck and hopefully something can be done. It happened all over the world and now China. Had it not been manufacturing, I believe last quarter Lumia sales would have exceeded 12m. It seems Nokia under delivered by three times . I hope as stakeholders, we help ground support from carriers giving us the real problems picture honestly, echo their feedback. Like in the Western counterparts, the demand is very high, the carriers did a great job, the consumers love it and ordered in massive numbers even though they go home empty handed for their most important shopping season (how do you liie that .?), yes even Nokia engineering department, design department, marketing department did a great job, but what is the point even if there is a demand for 100m handsets Andean the end of the day Nokia only deliver 30000. So Nokia please do something about this.

    • yes, bin empty!!, bin empty!! go cross street, they have competetors phone..uh, clue, they have them cuz nobody wants them, they came looking for the 920. . jeeez,

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    • Sorry about miss information. Their are lots of Li Yan, but this time I think I tracked her.
      under heading " Telecoms Firms Ready for Mobile Payment Services Next Year" 12.07.2012 17:33
      There is an article about China Mobile and mentions Li Yan as technology director at the company's e-commerce subsidiary.
      Its an article which talks about China Mobile and other mobile telecoms using NFC with agreements of subway and bus companies in 30 cities to allow users to make payments through mobile phones. a pilot program. So Li Yan does work for China Mobile

      So bright side of of Bloombergs piece is fact that China Mobile seems to be pushing Nokia Lumias very aggressively and (NFC) in Nokias phones is perfect combination for Chinese mobile telecoms.

      Its all good for Nokia in China they just need to produce more phones.

    • This Li Yan chick probably had too much Cream of Sum Yong Goy the night before and was dazed and confused. She said 30K units when she meant 300K units.


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    • Bloomberg is legit - they wouldn't straight up lie about her. But there is an obvious reason they left her title out of the hit piece. But she could be a nobody at China Mobile with old news to share. Or maybe the interview they did with her was a week ago and a lot has changed since then like a massive supply influx into china and no more component shortage.

      These hit pieces are usually pre-written and then the few blanks filled in with the proper dates, numbers and names and quickly put out on the news wires to stop a rally dead in its tracks. And that's what we have here. Bloomberg keeps its reputation while really misinforming everyone.

    • There are a million Li Yan's out there, man. It's a common Asian name. You'll have to call China Mobile for the right one.

      I myself have contacted the authors of the article Ewing and Rococo for clarification.

      Of course, too many here will just decide to believe that Bloomberg just made it all up. Because that's what they do with their free time. Write imaginary articles to bash NOK. Invent company reps out of thin air without any concern for the ethical and legal liabilties of doing so. Yeah. That's what major business news organs do on a regular basis.

      I've said it before. The level of denial on these boards is beyond belief.

      • 4 Replies to groovenirvana2013
      • gloomberg didnt make it up. . they just embelished it up a bit, u know, slant the view,, how many chens in the phone book?

      • it doesn't matter how many li yan's are out there. you just need to find the li yan that has the title, spokeswoman of china mobile. There's not a single credible source addressing her as a spokeswoman of china mobile beside the bs report from bloomberg that just came out yesterday. Li Jun is the only person I found in other articles being addressed as the spokesman of china mobile. and another website referring Rainie Lei as the spokeswoman of china mobile. in any case, even if the bloomberg article is totally true, it's still not a big deal, as long as nokia is at least making same amt of lumias they were selling back in q4.

      • Groover,
        What is beyond belief is your gullibility.
        Beyond that is hired gun.
        There is a school of fellows that think themselves above the rest of us and that the world is for their benefit.
        You are either with the truth or with the swindlers.
        So far all I have seen is manipulation of the most grotesque order.
        Nokia is not dead!
        They make the best phones which is no recipe for success because of the twarted markets we live in. Apple was very god but they have gone astray.
        The rest is personal choices to be dealt with, with your maker.
        No money is worth the honor of a good man.
        Re "Tontos utiles"

      • Groove is correct. A paper would never bend or manipulate the truth for themselves or people they know. And Jim Cramer is trying to help the everyday "average-joe", lol give me a break. What's next? Fox News is fair and balanced?

    • It's likely there is more than one Li Yan in china

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    • well,that says it all.This is why reporters have gotten lazy these days.You and I can check quickly someone's background but today's reporters are simply lazy idiots.

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