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  • farhan8000 farhan8000 Feb 7, 2013 1:53 AM Flag

    Bloomberg Article:A speculative mix

    The supply constraints of Nokia Lumia 920 and 920T is a going concern for all investors.However,reading and rereading the bloomberg article left me more disappointed with the bloomberg reporter.The article would have been a great read and reporting if it was about the short supply and expanded on why by doing a great reporting what's causing the supply problem for Nokia

    But the reporter spends a few sentences about the supply shortages and dovetails into Nokia propaganda about the past

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    • You fanboys and Nokia-apologists are a trip! If by focusing on the past you mean the two sentences on how Nokia was #1 in China two years ago, when they used Symbian, you're nuts. That's relevant background information.

      Missing the critical Chinese New Year holiday because they only shipped 30,000 Lumia 920T's is also relevant. No speculation about it! A China Mobile spokesperson said it and the article even backed up that fact with a quote from a Nokia spokesperson about how supply is constrained.

      THIS story, although just hitting the broad wire now, is what has knocked Nokia down these last 5 trading sessions. You fanboys love to move the goalposts for Nokia. One second you're posting tripe like "Nokia to da moon because of China" and the next you're playing down a blunder like missing the Chinese New Year holiday gifting season like its not even true! Face it - Nokia screwed the pooch on this one and it might cost them more than just one season's sales. You can bet iPhones are in good supply on China Unicom and China Telecom! Maybe the reason Tim Cook met with China Mobile (at CM's invitation!) was because the carrier wants a reliable supplier for things like their biggest holiday of the year for sales, hm?

    • The quote from that China mobile employee was from last year. I bet you.

    • I've been disappointed with some reporting in Bloomberg. I don't think you'd see what I consider an incomplete report like that in the Wall Street Journal or other main-line news organization. Kind of makes you appreciate the old professional standards of old-time newspapers, too often overlooked these days with internet based reporting.

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      • I wish for those days.Today reporting is all about the headline.Look at this bloomberg headline "Nokia China Stumble Risks Delaying Rebound From 1% Share".Its all about the headline these days.You see the headline and you read the story...i'm perplexed to say the least.Journalism is dead these days.Sensationalism is the name of the game.These journalist are sent for for an assignment story,they spend their time chasing their shadows (watching xxx websites) and to justify their expenses,they write an incomplete story with an attention seeking headline.

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