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  • back_to_reaiity back_to_reaiity Feb 9, 2013 9:25 AM Flag


    Just some thoughts.. I was thinking of what Elop said about selling 80 million entree level phones in 90 days to emerging markets. I figure Nokia has no problems mass producing these types of phones. Using older components in a market with little competition,and abundant supplies. Fact is Nokia is still a monster in the low end.

    With the high end phones I have faith Nokia is doing everything possible to get there share of high end components to insure production is ramping up. Android not being as optimized or more power hungry, Samsung and others are moving away from the MSM8960 snapdragon processor which is used in the Lumia 920. Might be part of the reason the Lumia 920 is making its way around the globe in higher numbers.. Now this is just all a guess but because the 920T using the S4 MSM8960T its still somewhat wildly popular even the Blackberry launch could be somewhat to blame. but As more android phones more away from the lower clock speed & dual core APU or if qualcomm is ramping production until then it might be a problem. But guess what? It will also be a problem for the BBZ10..:)

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    • I have an android dna and I hate it

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    • What might be the key I just had a epiphany about is the Lumia 620.. look at its price point being about $280, not dependent on gorilla glass, high end camera components, and since WP8 is very well optimized, older lower cost APU's will work just fine, along with low amounts of ram. As samsung and others need higher clock speeds and quad core APU's for newer versions of android to run correctly. The old, low end processors should be abundant at dirt cheap prices. 

      What I think is exciting is word the 520 is going to be released.. Think if Nokia can make a windows phone under $200!! with access of unlimited low cost components, churning out 10's of millions to emerging markets, games over Nokia for the WIN!.. The 720 is also in the works though there is no real detail of these phones, Nokia seems to have a game plan to flood the market with WP at all price points that are affordable to the majority of the worlds population. Yeah they might not cost $40 like Nokia's lowest end phones, but if the phone offers 20x the experience for 5x the price, people go for the best bang for the buck no matter where they live..Well unless they are a blind isheep..

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