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  • thermonuke Feb 12, 2013 10:36 PM Flag

    Doesn't matter who is president. Tonight he laid out the gameplan.

    2013 the extra $1T spending since 2008 stays on the books and you're going to like it. Deal with it. Also I am setting up internet gateways to "protect the internet", and I will just go ahead and do that too so sit down bit*ch*es.

    Really poured it on over the 1,000 gun deaths and didn't even talk about the suicide and corresponding prescribed medication epidemic that has been growing over the last 15 years and suicide now kills more annually than car crashes, #1 cause of death by injury in USA since 2009.

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    • The game plan is that obama is a verified fool.

    • The election is over, IDIOT! Get over it!

    • How Nokia is related to this matter?

    • He proposed a common-sense plan for moving the country forward in several areas - energy, education, the deficit, tax reform, voting reform, gun control. There wasn't a single proposal that was "extreme" or despotic or socialist or any other wacky term right-wing wackos like to use on a routine basis, wholly without justification.

      Read the speech. He, like most Americans, wants to move the country forward. He made reasonable proposals on all major issues. He said no one will get everything they want, all must be willing to compromise.

      What's wrong with that? Name one proposal that was extreme or unconstitutional or despotic. Name one.

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      • socialism to about 2 words.

      • thermonuke Feb 13, 2013 1:57 AM Flag

        Cice please understand. I rate Obama really no different than Bush, and Clinton, so on back to the 60s.

        Only if you believe me, only if you can place faith in me that I represent Liberty and not left or right, then perhaps the fog can be lifted. The Fog. That a slant towards a political figure can cause temporary blindness in a supporter. I think John Boehner is as bad as the rest of them, and Romney would have proceeded in perfect marching orders.

        The man just said he was throwing up a firewall on an executive order, and announced he planned on keeping the extra $1T in spending this year, ahead of the Conngressional budget, another joke.

        Meanwhile the Fed keeps sinking $100B/mo into a fake $600T derivitives market black hole.

        The fog can be very thick and even comforting sometimes. But the evidence has been accumulating for some time now. Red, blue, it's a pile of distracting garbage. I hear Iceland is nice this time of year...

      • obama is well-intentioned. he does want something good. He gives great speeches and can connect with the people. The problem is that his approach to achieve his well-intended goals has never worked and because of that, many believe his won't be able to achieve what he wants to achieve.
        No one if FOR guns violence. However, gun control won't do a thing. There are other solution he is against which would indeed have a shot at working like federal gun registration
        He say that he won't add a penny to the deficit. Yet again, he said that in 2008 and 2009 but so far he has added $5.073 trillion to he budget deficit in his first 4 years -- this is outside the $6.5 trillion he added to the national debt
        he also says he wants to work with the GOP. Nonetheless, he has been openly not negotiating sort of offering his way of the highway. Furthermore, he is the only president I can recall whose core goal openly includes the "destruction" of the GOP -- a view shared by most liberal. This would be unthinkable just 5 years ago. This clearly adds dishonestly to his repertoire. Again, the speech sounded great, but we've been there before. We need more thinking non-rigid mind in this country that DO NOT consider destroying those with whom they disagree. The intention although empty is great.
        And finally, you guys can now coin this new patriot phrase: "I appreciate the intention"

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      • thermonuke Feb 13, 2013 12:16 AM Flag

        Who decides who is a terrorist when the goverment controls the internet based on "because the president said so."

        What is the deal harping on guns? 38,000+ Americans took their own lives in 2010, most recent data, and #1 cause of death by injury. Just a vote? On what, Feinstein's bill to ban all semi-autos? GFY senator.

        Why is extra $1T spening such a great thing? 5 years now... M2 record levels, Treasury holdings record levels. You get no say slave, the Fed is not to be even mentioned.

        Also he has been pumping those 30,000 dillapidated bridges since the emergency stimulus.

    • barack_hussein_johnson_ii barack_hussein_johnson_ii Feb 12, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

      Obama couldn't actually run a Coney Island hot dog stand. Hence the extra $6.5 trillion in debt. But Nok will do well anyway so who cares.

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    • lets not forget about the tens of thousands of DUI death every year!!!

    • No doubt the worst president ever. Ignorance is expensive for all americans

    • A demagogue turned despot.

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