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  • porchoggs porchoggs Feb 20, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    Sorry I Could not Copy Article...

    but it is on Yahoo.. I guess Nokia is STILL having trouble getting out product. I personally am tiring of this nonsense.... look for the article... Yahoo would not allow me to paste...

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    • Now, here's a possible strategy: Elop doesn't want too many 920's out otherwise no one will purchase the new phones that will be announced at MWC. The con of that is a big one. If the Nokia I want is not in stock, I go after a Samsung. Or what they could do is release these top of the line phones later on while 620 and 920 saturate the market.

      I don't see a strategy. Sure it makes people drool for a Nokia, but you also lose customers to HTC, Samsung, Huawei, etc.

      Good news guys stockholders can always vote this guy out.

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      • This is exactly what I said 2 days ago under the thread: 920 Shortage Explained.

        But I expanded on the theory with the fact that there's other reasons Elop may be holding back supply. One is to keep asp and margins higher until they get volumes up in order to stop bleeding cash. Short term like you said Nokia will lose some potential customers but given the 920 looks like another stop gap phone until the 1000 comes out next month then it's not such a big sacrifice. But I do wish they'd get some real volumes in china as demand there seems to be much much higher than supply. That's the only thing that makes me think this shortage is not on purpose, in which case Eflop needs to go.

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    • Folks, please use your brain. It is not that hard to know this is not a supply issue at all. If it is a supply issue, you can not explain there is only shortage in certain colors (especially yellow and cyan). Black color has enough supply.

      This shortage was created on purpose, but I do not know the reason behind. If it is purely a marketing trick, I think it is a mistake that needs to be corrected.

    • Read it a few minutes ago. It could be an attempt to bring down PPS for people to get in before MWC. I don't like the article because it fails to mention specifics. For example, which country is having issues with supply. Someone needs to go in there and get some more quotes, not just settle for the gal at China Mobile that Bloomberg interviewed.

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