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  • edgaryu99 edgaryu99 Feb 24, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

    HP makes Android Tablet = Microsoft even more dependent on Nokia

    HP announced it is making Android tablet. Therefore Windows RT lost support from PC manufacturer partner.

    Therefore Microsoft Windows 8 Metro strategy ONLY have Nokia as a DEDICATED partner. Even PC makers are straddling their bets on Android.

    Is this a positive or negative for Nokia?

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    • It's good for Nokia because Nokia corners the Windows 8 market which will explode. More importantly, Microsoft advertising will be more Nokia-based. Elop should have gotten more marketing out of Microsoft, less diluted by the likes of HTC, etc, including more prominent NOKIA logo placement. The kicker in marketing will be Verizon. During Valentines Day Verizon's push for 822 was HUGE, much better than ATT advertising, and probably much more effective. Have you noticed that Will Arnett commercials no longer air? I wonder why--perhaps they sucked. NOK should have gotten more/REQUIRED more EFFECTIVE marketing out of ATT. ATT has been overall an ineffective pusher of Nokia products in the U.S. That's based on talking to ATT sales people and their utter lack of knowledge of what they're supposed to be selling. They personally all use samsung/iphone and are used the latter and know nothing about Windows Phones...I usually have to educate them. If it can afford to do so, Nokia should ultimately set up its own retail shops in the U.S. or do so via MSFT shops.

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      • I have waited for Windows 8 tablet running Intel Clovertrail atom processor for six months already. It run full Windows and should be priced for low cost tablets. It was delayed and no product for Christmas 2012.

        Now it is March 2013. HP is announcing Android tablets. I suppose all the other PC makers will do the same. No Windows 8 Intel Clovertrail Atom Tablets in sight. Just talk. No product!

        Nokia is pumping out products using WP8. Different price points. Customization for different carriers. etc. etc. I hope Windows Phone will be successful. But Nokia's survival doesn't depend on it: NSN is making money. Nokia is talking to Mozilla. In one or two years time when Nokia is financially better off I think it should make phones for multiple handsets.

      • Great idea, Nokia shops in U.S.

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      • NOKIA should require Microsoft (Microsoft should want to actually) dedicate at least 2-3 sales people in its stores to Nokia products and give Nokia a portion of the store to market its products.

    • This is a symbiotic relationship, in my opinion, and all the stronger for that. It's the only other game in town, after the Google Android game. Again, in my opinion. Apple are on an irreversible downward spiral. You know, in my opinion.

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      • I held Microsoft stock for many years already. Microsoft is not going to die. But until Steve Ballmer is gone from the scene I really don't think Microsoft can catch up with Google and Apple.

        Every time someone rises up as a successor to Ballmer, he will be sacked. (Ex-) Windows President Steve Sinofsky is just the latest example. He was hailed as the next micro managing egghead that pushes Windows, then out the door he goes. Let's see how much longer Bill Gates can tolerate Steve Ballmer before he find a more competent CEO to lead Microsoft.

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