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  • splitat80 splitat80 Feb 25, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

    The wall street ..

    ho's must have gotten paid again. They are active this morning.LOL

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    • lol...another hit piece from a retail amatuer....lmao...ok, so here is a snippit from his "self proclaimed" in depth knowledge of nokia and it's present stae...

      "Today the dividend is down to 25 cents/share, but that still means a 6.62% yield because the shares are priced at $3.81 each. And, because Nokia is no longer profitable, pushing out that dividend is eating its own seed corn."

      folks, this was written and published TODAY!...this fool doen't know NOK CANCELED it's dividend!

      so that means he didn't read the earnings report and he either 1.) is short and that's his agenda or 2.) a shill for hedge funds...either one immediately forces you to reject his premise, theory and findings...HE HASN'T DONE ANY HOMEWORK!...he has the DD of a newbie invesztor and is a boob!

      long and calm!...i HAVE done my research!

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      • Very good point. Posters here must remember that when reading a Motley Fool or Seeking Alpha post (because that is all they are, posts) that the author is neither a paid contributor or a professional analyst. They are just you and I and are posting whats in the best interest for them.

        The article you referenced, I did read and yes, there are numerous inconsistent and erroneous statements. The worst being the comments about the dividend. He is a hack with an agenda.

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