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  • groovenirvana2013 groovenirvana2013 Feb 25, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    Yahoo! Nokia Message Board: The Financial Brokeback Mountain

    I've never seen people enjoy such a financail anal pounding and cry for dear mercy as they beg for more.

    This is it. The MWC. The big day you've all been waiting for. Time for blast off to $20 a share. No?

    Rocket ship to the moon!!!!!!!!!! (not so much)

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    • The excerpt below shows how this balonney has been going on.
      This relates to 1989 when Ferruzi cornerede the crooks ayt CME and the exchange simply ordered them to close their positions.
      People forget how crooked this markets are. I tried to google it but was buried under several layers. So much for their algorithms.
      We are fool for trying to "invest in this market.
      However, the shame belongs to the the crooks. It is only money.
      "Pirrong, Craig
      PUB. DATEMarch 2004
      SOURCEAmerican Law & Economics Review;Spring2004, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p28
      SOURCE TYPEAcademic Journal
      DOC. TYPEArticle
      ABSTRACTManipulation--the exercise of market power in a futures market--is a felony, but recent court and regulatory decisions have made conviction of a manipulator problematic. Instead, regulators attempt to prevent manipulation. Deterrence by conviction is more efficient than prevention if manipulations can be detected with high probability. An analysis of the Ferruzzi soybean episode of 1989 demonstrates how to detect manipulation with standard statistical techniques. It is exceedingly unlikely that the price and quantity relations observed in May and July 1989 were the result of competition; they instead reflect market power. The ability to detect manipulation reliably suggests that existing regulation of manipulation in futures and securities markets is inefficient because it relies on costly prevention rather than deterrence."

    • Elop and Ballmer: two gay guys together!

    • The truth is still the truth.
      The looser is the market that allows this kind of #$%$.
      It is supposed to allocate resources to the best alternative. Here it gives it to intrinsical crooks that would destroy the ship that is carrying them.
      Enjoy your party.
      The choice was poor to begin with. Apple, MS, or worse yet Google.
      Cook= Sculley. MS=Gates and Schmidt=North Korea.
      We beter go look for the bomb shelters.
      Well after all it was soo darn cheap it was only a days worth.
      I am glad it makes you guy so happy to see the best co. go down.
      O I forgot all your gains are in US dollars that are worth a dime.

    • But... but... but... It's Not FAIR!! Manipulation I tell ya!! It's those evil market makers in cahoots with hedge funds, Apple, Google, and (possibly) aliens at Area 51. 

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