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  • art8649 art8649 Feb 26, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    $4.70 to $3.57 in six weeks

    Earnings in Jan gave a small bump. Otherwise its been all downhill.for six weeks.Barcalona was a disappointment. If anything the lack of news further reinforced that NOK cannot and will not compete in the tablet market. The many phones NOK is releasing all over the world, exciting ths board, is creating a big
    Yawn from the Market. Just why is that the case?
    Is the promise of thse many phones selling a false promise?
    Is it the margin on these phones are going to require huge volumes to make any meaniful profit?
    All this speculation of a SP of 6 or 8 or 10 + is offensive. Present a case for NOK making it to and sustaining $4.00 SP. Promise is meaningless. All I see is reality. The competition isn't standing still. even China's own will challange NOK

    It is becoming very difficult for me to continue holding this stock.

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    • only the strong survive,,,anyone who is mentally weak will not survive,,,I have been down as much as $36k and then came right back,,It is very hard at times to sit through the dips,,that is when you need to be strong,and have not sell for a lose,,if you can buy more...unfortunately I went all in,,wish I had more money to but this big dip.,I bought at $4.50 and watched it drop a dollar.,reading some post,some people sold for a lose and left Nokia for good..when it goes over $5 they will probably buy back, now at a higher price..just sit back and petient and be strong..Nokia will dominate,,,trust me

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    • I agree with your post..the market says Nokia is may not have the goods to compete and make serious headway with its new line of smartphones. Don't know how much longer I should hold on. One or more down days, perhaps.

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      • "the market says Nokia may not have the goodsto compete" BTW What the hell does that mean.what is "the Market" so now all the people invested in Nokia are all experts at making phones and running a business.How has Nokia survived all these years?,,Oh I know,,"the market" helped them...Regardless of what the stock prise does,,that will NOT decide how Nokia does.earning trumps everything, mwc means nothing,,nokia has had negitive ER for many quarters,,so all the market cares about is earnings..there has been alot of good news on phone sales,so price goes up..I am confident Nokia will dominate...BE PATIENT BE STRONG.,,and relax.. pps will rise me

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    • I'm hoping my order for 3.51 goes thru today.
      My bet is there will be a push to bring it to 3.50 before the close of day.

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    • The lack of a flagship device debuting at MWC gives the impression that Nokia is falling behind and that innovation is slowing down. Updated mid-range phones are not the kind of thing on which to base your appearance at the largest trade show in mobile. Likewise, neither is the announcement of a €15 phone. Not much profit in such low-end junk.

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      • Wasn't this the reason for nokia's downfall the first time around, foregoing the smartphone and concentrating on the dumb phones thus resulting in the creation of apple which stole nok's smartphone design and lunch, LOL. At least now, we have good phones like the lumia 920, but eflop is deliberately creating shortage and blaming carriers for low expectations. This man is a liar, imo, cause there are countries like belgium-netherland where the supply of lumia 920 is pushed back to the end of march. Is this idiot of a ceo telling us that belgium-netherlands had zero expectation of lumia 920? How about it eflop magots?

    • I know reminds me of the coal stocks I rode all the way to the bottom. Down every day it seems.

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    • On the other hand, the share price swing shows the potential. It was up to $4.70 based on potential earnings, then down into MWC, where there was essentially no news.

      If we get some indications that the higher-end supply problems are over and Nokia is selling what they make, then we will likely see another run-up leading into earnings, and this time I think there is a fair chance Nokia earnings will exceed forecasts. Nokia needs to get into the $5 range and start chewing at the resistance we'll see between $5 and $6. That will set the stage for new high-end phones and a tablet release which should take Nokia well past $6. Earnings in April, then 5-6 months for new announcements into the fall.

      As I've said elsewhere in posts, at this point Nokia is waiting for the next generation of Intel chips - when those become available, Nokia will have a bunch of new product releases that will finally monetize all the R&D dollars Nokia spent over the years.

    • Well, I sold 90% of my shares at an average of 4.30 which is a hair over breakeven for me. I would be down thousands of dollars now and sleeping poorly. Since I sold, I only casually check the SP and am letting the remainder ride for awhile. I love NOK as a company, but one has to realize that it is an investment, not a love affair. GLTAll longs

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