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  • marco_zitto marco_zitto Feb 26, 2013 6:10 PM Flag

    We have been ELOPED! No mistery why the Nokia decline!


    No mystery why the Nokia decline!
    Broken supply chain for over 3-5 months! Nokia puts out many good phones, but cant deliver them.
    We have been ELOPED again!

    No mystery why the current Nokia decline!

    If the supply chain is broken, the good phones that the engineers put out will not save Nokia.
    If there is second rate marketing and sales strategy, the good phones that the engineers put out will not save Nokia.
    you have nothing in the smartphone field.

    Management of Nokia must answer simple questions for its shareholders.

    Is there a date at which the worldwide shortages will end?
    When will you have corrected the whole supply chain shortages issue?
    Where are the alternate sources, for parts?
    Where is the great production, assembly, and delivery infrastructure?
    Is the China Mobile shortage fiasco a replicate of the premature Symbian kill?

    What is the future of the executives of Nokia that caused this shortage mess?
    Does Nokia have a man that is fully capable of running the whole of a complicated company like Nokia?

    One hopes tha Nokia’s BOD has the ability of asking such simple questions and able to take timely action.

    To the members of this board, I request that you add to these questions and comments.

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    This topic is deleted.
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    • With all due respect, as I write this by my own hand..(James) a saying in Nam, bend over at your waist, spread your legs, and kiss your a33 goodby... :-)

    • How about we bombard investor relations with emails asking such questions ?rather then hitting our heads in the wall. Anyone done that and got any reply about supply issues ?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • As far as supply chain issue, eflop ultimately is responsible. No excuse for a launch with shortages.
      Eflop has to take the blame too, if it was limited manufacturing capacity due to his restructuring.
      While I like the new Lumia just released, I doubt they were the original plan. One possibility is they were going to release a tablet with W8 RT but scratched it because of the Surface results & are going to go with a full W8 down the line.
      & then there is the possibility put product ? on hold because it would have destroyed the shorts.
      Fairly clear, imo, eflop is either a idiot or he should be indicted.
      He has never brought any shareholder value to the table, time for him to go. The BOD can certainly join him.
      Despite of eflop the stock is still valuable & it's only a matter of time before shortie covers.

    • All we know for sure is that demand is more than supply. We also know that Nokia is covering the entire range for phones so it can sell everywhere in the world. We do not know how many have been sold in any category and I suspect we will not know until the end of the quarter. To me this is a classic turn around that is clearly working... great new phones across the entire range and new factories putting them out cheaper with great demand and more enterprise sales everyday . Patience will be rewarded.

    • Reconstructing, transitioning and phasing out old model phones to make room for Asha and Lumia models. All you fart talkers are in a head trip thinking this can be all done within a few months or even few years, they're losing some battles as if now but the war will be won.

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      • When you give a crop who you know is making a huge transition in their business model, time to restructure and hold your shares for several years you will reap the rewards, espec. a corp as respected as Nokia. From the nearly 2 months I've frequented this board I've seen several post from investors with Huge Share counts that are holding for the long term, why because they've held many times in the past on other investments and won big time, thats why they have 50,000 shares at $4.50 and happy to hold for the long term as they know the outcome will be as before!!

      • Can't be done in "a few years"??????? If that's the case, just fire EVERYBODY at Nokia and start again. You could re-form the company from the ground up in "a few years." 

    • Good objective thinking. Wish EFLOP and nokia's BOD reason like you do. How about it eflop magots? I know you will give him thumbsdown, cause you are idiots like your main man, eflop the turd, imo.

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