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  • ineedastock ineedastock Feb 28, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    Nokia 920 is not just a phone it is a status symbol in Asia


    The s3 was the hot phone until the 920 came out and than it became a status symbol in Asia. Young to College age people that carry them have an instant status symbol. It is completely different than in US. They want to be at the center of attention because of their phone for months. They walk around showing them off and they are surrounded by their peers. Where I am if someone flashes a phone to much they get it strong armed away and robbed in the main streets of city. It is different in Asia, they want to be seen with the hot phone. That is the Nokia 920 at the moment. Sales should be better than expected in my opinion.

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    • Have to bump this to show how incredibly delusional and shameless members of the Bagholding Elite (aka. the Bagholding Cosa Nostra) are. ineedadouche was belting them out of the park like Barry Bonds on HGH for a while there. He really gave the other bagholding pumpstars a run for their money.

      This post may just be ineedastock's magnum opus - his 9th Symphony, his Hamlet, his Godfather Trilogy. And the most incredible part is all the thumbs ups he got from other bagholding pumptards on this board.

      I encourage the objective observer to read through it carefully and see how unhinged from reality this pumpstar mafioso truly was. The best part is several responses down the post when he talks about his market research contacts in Nepal - two Nepalese college girls he met online who swear that the Lumia is all the rage in mainland China.

      Please also note my well-intentioned (and, hopefully, informed) responses to his post based on currently living and working in South Korea. Then look at his vicious attacks to my posts assuming that I'm Korean and making all kinds of accusations and insinuations.

      We haven't heard from ineedadouche for some time now. Is it that he's just in a hospital having the plastic junk phone Elop just rammed up his glory hole removed? Or is it that he really tried to end it all once he looked around his mother's basement and saw the blisters on his palm from the raw self-pleasuring sessions he gave himself in anticipation of Q1 earnings?

      ineedadouche was definitely one of the Bagholding Top Ten Most Wanted. He's in a better place now. May he rest in peace.

    • status symbol my #$%$, I am in asia and no one give a sh* about what you carry.

    • You also forget to mention PHILLIPINES, The NOKIA COUNTRY. I was there last month and I saw the same thing that students like in grammar schooll, high school, colleges, universities does the same things, thats also one reason why I have added more shares on nokia. People over there especially young ones says, if your phone is not nokia your abnormal and no class.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I live in Asia. Do you?

      I live in South Korea. You can't find any Nokia phones here. You can find cheap Nokia feature phones in SE Asia. I picked one up for $20 last summer in Thailand.

      Hate to break it to you, but Nokia is not seen as any kind of status symbol out here. It's still Samsung and Apple. Samsung because Asian love the Hallyu (Korean wave) and Gayo (K-pop). Apple because it's American and fashionable.

      Where exactly are you getting this notion that Asians think the Lumia 920 is a status symbol? Or are you just making it up because you want to believe it?

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