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  • leestoller Mar 7, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    Nokia $12 by 11.26/13

    Nokia, One Day At A Time to # 1 again !!

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    • Yes, $12 by EOY is almost a given for NOK. Another amazing use, that I accidentally discovered of the phone-vibrate in the strong-mode, is that, it did kinda massage my thigh there a bit and it felt great. Even at the expense of running the batteries, I'm going to make use of that additional feature. Thus, Nokia creates a product that satisfies your multiple senses: So pleasing to look - for the eyes; so clear and crisp diaphram sound -- for your ears; so warming-- for your pocket-book (as its so inexpensive); so easy to carry -- for your hand-muscles and so pleasantly vibrating -- for your leg-muscles! This is a true-server that you can fall in love with at the first sight and touch! :-) I'm loading up more shares here!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • AT least the stock price did not fall below $3.50. Nokia might release some guidance after end of 1Q13. If it shows some improvement over 4Q12 stock price should go above $4 again.

      Nokia Windows Phone have overcome some negatives in the past quarter

      1) WP8 released, no major hiccups. But problem is delay of low cost (sub $300) Intel atom based tablets running full Windows 8. This reduces the much hyped "halo effect" of Windows.

      2) WP now have 130,000 apps. All the negatives that WP do not have apps seems to have dissipated quietly.

      3) Carrier deals announced. Customization of Lumia to different carriers announced one after another.

      4) Lumia product portfolio filled up over entire price range. Nokia still need a thin metal case phone and something like Samsung Note. I am sure it is in the pipeline.

      At 2% or 3% smartphone market share, Nokia still have a long way to go. Microsoft is not helping. Steve Ballmer is no technology visionary and fired anyone that might rise to fill his place (latest example is Steven Sinofsky). Microsoft is handicapped with Ballmer around.

    • Sticken by 6.25 july

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