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  • kathlenebradshaw kathlenebradshaw Mar 7, 2013 11:02 PM Flag

    Can investor prince "Al-Waleed bin Talal" become a 5% stake holder of NOK?

    Can investor prince "Al-Waleed bin Talal" become a 5% stake holder of NOK? Any obstacles he may face if he pursues this route? He is known to be an excellent long term investor with an eye towards extreme value. With his recent desire to be shown towards the top of the Forbes billionaires' list, a valuable NOK-buy now will ensure him just that status by next year when NOK is trading past $12 pps, IMHO.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Kate you just kidding Akroyd.......but you are an irresponsible pumper......but I don't really care.....I just can't get the image of you and your Lumia out of my mind.....;-)

    • He bought citi at 21,00 pre split now worth. 00.45

    • i'm shocked Icahn hasn't taken a position...maybe he's accumulating now...he is a NOTORIOUS investor in undervalued companies...he does keep quiet until he's loaded though.....we just may hear he's grabbed a hundred million shares soon...

    • Oh you party starter you.. I thought of that too. Isn't that the guy who just denounced forbs list, took himself off..?? Steve Forbes interview, I thought that prince guy buys a growth potential, and results in jack pot..

    • I am just amazed that some one really big hasn't bought up 1 or 2 billion shaares of NOK.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Wish I was a billionaire but I own 7.85 Million shares of Nokia,1.2 of which I bought since Monday.And of course,I made my money from F,C,BAC and Apple when majority of investors were running for the hills.Was lucky to get out of Apple at 680 and buy Nokia at 2.56 initially but you need more than luck in investing.

        I'm a self made Millionaire and former MD but to strike riches in investing,you must be willing to make smart risks,get outside the noise of the big boys (who by the way gamble with the average joe's money.Its not their money,they make a lot of mistakes but have more money at their disposal to rectify some of their mistakes and make 5-10% profit every year) and you got to call it right more often than not.

        Smart risk in my definition is investing in stocks like Nokia when they are beaten down but company has great product line and you understand the strategy management is deploying to turn around the business.Nokia is at the same juncture Ford and Citigroup were in 2008.Most investors are doubting their survival,second guesing management strategy,and giving the company's competition an outsized credit.I bought Ford at 2.20 and sold have my position at 11.50.Bought Citi at 1.54 and sold it at 43.60 (No longer a C position because I shifted that money to BAC and holding it till BAC finds its groove.

        My point is,yes I love this board and I'm a millionaire, and give confidence to those second guesing whether to maintain their long position,add to their position,or simply cash out.Nokia will make more money for me than Apple,C,F and BAC combined because I was a small investor then,but now I have the financial resources to really deploy money to make more money.

        And yes,Nokia should be your gateway to the millionaire club for those of you smart and patient enough.Stocks like Nokia with the international brand,Engineering and patent might and human resources,in a explosive growth industy...look around if you can find such stocks.Its a screaming BUY,BUY,BUY, BUY

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