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  • nusaiba nusaiba Mar 18, 2013 9:19 PM Flag

    Nokia Roadshow Bus touring UK

    Nokia Roadshow Bus touring UK

    March 18, 2013 | By Surur


    Nokia is taking their Lumia show on the road by taking their Lumia showroom and training area on wheels to all corners of the UK.

    The aim of the show is not to convert consumers but rather businesses, with the slogan “Do business anywhere”, which does kind of suite the bus theme.


    Inside the bus has an extensive and rather spacious demo area below and on the second floor a coffee and meeting room for training and meetings.

    The bus will be manned by a dedicated team demonstrating Lumia features such as City Lens, Mobile Office, Wireless Charging etc.

    I can image such a bus would cause quite a stir if it rolls into your local business park and opens its doors at lunch time. Do our readers think Nokia has the right idea? Let us know below

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    • Bus crashed and burned on trial run!

    • Let's see. Rent a bus. Get a dozen college guys and girls and tell them its got a keg in the back, loaded with music and headed towards Daytona... hmmm, geez I think I've done that before... ITS CALLED SPRING BREAK.

      Please, help me GOD! Elop and Nokia's BOD needs to seriously RE-THINK why they cannot sell the 920 in the US.

      pssssst, here's a HINT: AT&T is the worst vendor out there. Why only have 1 demo unit of the 920 on the shelf? Why not every color available? After all, the Lumia 920 is AT&T's HERO PHONE. Right? Why are AT&T's sales staff completely ignorant of the features of the L920?

      Hey ELOP! Why don't you send that bus over to the US and have it visit every AT&T store and TRAIN the AT&T staff of how to promote the L920?


    • Obsolutely great idea! And yes a demo is so important...Should perhaps enlarge the focus beyond businesses..Would cause quite a stir at a mall parking lot!!! Free coffee, free demo and even free use for a trial period??

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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