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  • nusaiba nusaiba Mar 19, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    Quality watchdog slams 'arrogant' Apple.Nokia topped as the most satisfying brand, followed by Apple and HTC, the survey found

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    Quality watchdog slams 'arrogant' Apple2013-03-20 09:24
    SYSTEM malfunction and blank screens were among the major complaints by smartphone users, a survey by the city's quality watchdog revealed yesterday.

    More than 45 percent of smartphone glitches were related to system blowout, while blank screens, poor quality cameras, software malfunctions and long standby time were among the major irritants noted.

    The survey polled 9,571 respondents in the city and covered 15 brands.

    Nokia topped as the most satisfying brand, followed by Apple and HTC, the survey found.

    In terms of quality, Apple topped the list, but ranked No.5 for after-sales service. Motorola was voted best for its after-sales service.

    Apple Inc's staff members did not turn up at yesterday press conference. Officials with the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau slammed Apple's attitude as arrogant.

    The bureau sent two letters to Apple, asking its representatives to attend the conference and address the complaints of its users, but both the letters were returned.

    The bureau faxed the documents but Apple ignored them as well.

    "We have never encountered such a situation, as companies are usually very cooperative and actively communicating with us," said a bureau official surnamed Chen.

    The survey found that most users of smartphones were unhappy by the way producers and retailers handled their complaints.

    In one case, a consumer, Hu Chuandong, sent his Lenovo cellphone which had problems with its receiver for repairs, but he got it back without the problem being corrected.

    Hu said he was treated roughly and complained to Lenovo's after-sales service.

    Another consumer, surnamed Zhou, said his LG cellphone had quality problems such as a slow response, poor signals and a substandard camera.

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    • And yet Apple's customer satisfaction rating (according to JD Power) is #1.

      • 1 Reply to rmbo47
      • rmbo, I owned iphone 4S before I got my Lumia 920. I am telling you honestly there is no comparison for me between the two. My Lumia beats the heck out of iphone 4s in every way imaginable and believe me I am very objective and truly believe so. The lumia 920 is a superb phone and it would have been enormously successful in the hands of someone like steve jobs, seriously. I can just picture him with the lumia in his hand, the ultimate salesman showing the goodies of my Lumia. There I go again dreaming. Steve jobs is gone and I have stephen eflop instead, lol. That is the luck of poor NOKIA, challenged leadership, one after the other, IMO. Wonder what is in the mind of the chairman of nokia's BOD??? LOL!!

    • You see, nusaiba, I tolld you can do well if you only will avoid these selfdestractive,stupid post. Congats for good post. Keep on good work. Maintain and preserve your sanity.

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