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  • strawhatjoe strawhatjoe Mar 20, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    Nokia is behind Samsung because of poor exposure

    Nokia fired its marketing head, but with the head being gone, the marketing dept. is still suffering. We have a gazillion marketng professors here in the US, can we use one of them, and if that does not work, well then, maybe we can choose someone from this board. Seems like the average person on this board knows that we need to do more marketing to get this company going again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I suggest we take a non-secured loan from Microsoft, since they are using Nokia as a guinea pig for their OS and ramp up advertising here in the US and elsewhere. I have not heard nor seen a Nokia ad for several weeks now. All I see is Samsung ads on TV.

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    • Very well said. Of course, eflop magots will be after you now, LOL. This is simple common sense issue, IMO. AD's create awareness. Awareness creates sales. sales cretaes traction traction creates more apps. more apps create more sales. It isn't rocket science, but the bozoic leadership of nokia is experimenting with unique marketing strategy. It is called stealth marketing meaning no AD's and no awareness, cause they don't have enough phones to sell. How stupid is this? Ask eflop magots. They think this is brilliance from eflop the turd, LOL. Ignorant fools and when people like you and I point these issues, they say we are hurting the pps, LOL on a stock that trades millions any given day. Bunch of idiots. Thay can't even articulate why AD's are not that important. At least I did why AD's are important, LOL

    • I live in NJ and know someone who purchased a Lumia 920 back in November 2102.He will show adults and the young kids the phone and say wow who makes it.People to this day do not even know that the Lumia phones are out ridiculous.I am waiting for the 928.Problem is if Nokia markets the phones they cannot produce them fast enough double edge sword.

    • yawwwnnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i g n o r e zzzz d zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

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