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  • goodeal4u2002 goodeal4u2002 Mar 24, 2013 8:40 PM Flag

    Is NOkia a Gamble ? or a long term sure Bet??

    I been in and out of NOKIA a bunch of times, right now, before buying back in i find myself trying to decide if this is a great Long term turnaround stock, or is this a company that is on a slow crash to no where...and maybe Bankrupt in the long distance future, we have seen many company's go bankrupt shareholders lose everything and yet company , restruction and comes back strong, LIKE GM
    i owned ATHM and lost every penny, they want BK and then came back after that.....
    what to do about NOK right now, i own a NOK 900 , i LOVE the PHONE, its the best phone i have owned, but i never owned apple iphone, i have had people comment on my phone that own apples phones and loved the nok 900 BIG screen and great colors,,,,I have big faith in this company the phones are going to get better and better, the new 928 coming out soon, they are looking into SOLAR powered phone, but other company's are too, i think windows will be great, but so many unknowns, will MSFT come out with there own phone, will someone buy out NOK, will apple have a cheaper phone, ect ect ect, so right now before i buy NOK back again, i want to be Sure NOK is on a Growth Pay, there is no sure bets with stocks, but i dont want to gamble away my money, i love so much in the past on a lot of stocks,and i am down overall in stocks..
    JUST WONDERING WITH OUT ALL THE WISE CRACKS, What do you think the real future of NOK will be, worth investing in or Wait and see?????????

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    • Buy ... just don't buy on margin. IMHO it's a sure thing. It's just a matter of time.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • And they will bring me free cigarettes too, with a drink... :-)

    • First let me state the obvious, nothing is sure in live (beside death and taxes). People who bought Apple a $700 took a huge gamble even so the company was doing extremely well at the time.

      The way I look at it is:

      1. If you want your money safe buy CDs (you won't make much, but you won't lose also).
      2. If you are looking at Nokia. Nokia management is aware of the problems they are facing, and are doing everything right to turn the company around. If they will succeed is anyone guess, personnally I believe that they will succeed in turning the company around but it might take longer than anybody wants or expects and the PPS might languish at these prices (even go lower) for a while longer.
      3. knowing the above, don't buy options, or on margin. buy your share and you must be willing to wait at least a year (hopefully less) to make some money.

      My personal take is that if you are willing to play the stock market, Nokia at these levels is a safer bet than most other companies. This is only my own personal opinion, do you own DD, and decide for yourself.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ok, the BC thing is old...never happen ok.. :)

    • Roll the bones baby!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • why is there no insiders buying at this level??

    • For 7 consecutive out of last 12 months, Nokia fell to below 3.00 a share. For last 4 months Nokia has held above 3.00. If any positive news is out before April 1st quarter report, This stock should for all practical purposes recover to valuation closer to that prior to the fall, due to completing majority of restructuring, excellent recent product reviews, increasing cash flow and increasing market share.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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