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  • beatstockpromotersdotcom12 beatstockpromotersdotcom12 Apr 2, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    NOK may fade away


    It's too bad NOK can't keep the momentum alive. The problem is windows smart phones really aren't keeping up with the competition. NOK needs something better to increase growth and bring it back to profitability.

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    • You're quite right. No one wants any evilware phones with it's limited infantile ui and next to no apps.
      It's really lipstick on dying pig. Even 6 yrs ago they had a major job at a technical conference
      getting any developers to go to a session on db admin under evilware. It's too buggy and too controlling.
      Really good developers know it's a legacy platform and don't want to work on it. So naturally you're
      not going to get innovation there. And it's run by a major league screw up.

      Just yesterday bloomberg had a story on missing the trend to larger sized devices.
      NOK problem is that it's never customer focused. They need to fire elop and get someone from
      a really leading edge customer focused firm in. Hiring someone away from SAM would be the way to

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    • Are you kidding me the smart phone market changes with the launch of every new phone, regardless of the manufacturer. That is how tech moves one notch at a time until there is a revolution. ie .IPhone launch. Now go think about it.

    • Last week, China Unicom – the nation’s second biggest telecom carrier by subscribers – unveiled its latest offering – the Nokia Lumia 520 with a price tag of RMB 1,300 or $206. This 3G handset is compatible with the company's high-speed HSPA+ network, signaling that consumers can now avail devices that make net surfing easier and quicker.

      China Unicom is making every possible move to make its 3G network the fastest in the country. The company is consistently teaming up with international big brands like Nokia Corporation (NOK) to expand its 3G business that stands as the prime contributor to its revenue growth.

    • You two dudes should get married and thus will have to make one post only.

    • Yeah, it needs to axe Elop now. Hey Elop, talking about how beautiful your daughter looks on a Nokia isn't going to persuade consumers. For the love of God, leave - you have been a failure from the start. Just go.

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      • Well not from the evil empire's standpoint. If this idot didn't choose to go that way you bet the other
        asian oem's would have told the greedy fat cost save bonus addicated jabber of redmond to get
        stuffed, and without something in mobile that would have looked very bad indeed. They invest a little
        money and get a ton more back plus buy time to do their own phone. The real problem is
        the world doesn't want evilware it's a very bad taste in pep's mouths so naturally they don't
        buy, developers skip over and you get a downward cycle.

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