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  • ineedastock ineedastock Apr 4, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

    One more thing all the geniuses that said there is nothing just software. Why is the first release of the Facebook phone....

    coming out on a phone that had to be put through the FCC? Why did they just put it straight onto all the androids and Samsung's that already have Android on them? Htc already has an Android phone, why did they need to create another phone and put it through FCC? There sure are a lot of guys that do not even think, just click and start typing on here. Is your typing really going to save the stock if what you say is not correct?Does "venting" just to try by hook or by #$%$ to say that you know something is correct even if it is not logical. You have guys trying their hardest to say there is no Facebook Phone. I really do not know what could possibly wrong with them. If it is a brand, does Mark Zuckerberg have to have a screwdriver in his hand to have a brand? Does every clothing manufacturer have to sew their own clothes themselves? Usually when a phone goes through FCC it has been modified or new. You have a lot of guys that have to be right here everyday not matter if they know anything about the topic or not . Why? That is not going to keep you from loosing money. My ego does not need it, why does yours? I am more concerned about losing my money. You guys should be too. Count the number of guys that wanted to argue and where so sure there is no Facebook Phone. IT IS BRANDING. You do not know what that is so GET OVER IT YOU WERE WRONG before you loose all your money. Answer this and you should have researched it earlier not after reading this message. Why did HTC put a new phone through the FCC for approval for the Facebook phone instead of releasing it on the 20 existing Samsung phones or HTC ONE?

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    • There are way too many headlines about the CIA, NSA, FBI, and a number of other intelligence gathering organizations associated to Facebook, do you think any of these groups would want to ensure a hacker couldnt hack them?

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      • I am not completely following your question. They all would want to ensure a hacker could not hack them. NSA has android phones that were "MODIFIED" (everything was reworked) for them not by the phone manufacturer. The Facebook apps or any apps are not allowed. CIA is using ATT and no apps are allowed. FBI has different uses. They want the certain phones to be able to be hacked to catch the people doing it.The phones that are not for entrapment or undercover work are ATT & Verizon in my opinion. I think you are missing the target audience of a Facebook phone. These are kids 12-19 who could not give two snaps about security. It is up to their parents to protect them. Is the Facebook Phone more unsecure than normal phones for hacking "No". All androids are unsafe to begin with for hacking. What makes Facebook phones more unsecure is the messaging is on and open and they are subject to more child predators both through messaging and social apps. I do not think anyone gov. or law enforcement agency will ever be using Facebook phones. It is not for that. They will be using either Windows Phones or Blackberry's. Both of these phones can be wiped clean as soon as it needs to be remotely.

    • leestoller Apr 5, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

      Nokia, owns over 25,000 patents.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Hopefully they will use them on the Facebook phone. Windows Phone was the first phone to have live updating tiles on the main screen. You would think that was not true but it is. Why would anyone want a phone that did not do what the Windows Phone does. Apple I phone is the one that is really outdated. Windows Phone runs circles around that with the power of live interaction on the main screen. Now Facebook is advertising that their phone is unique that it allows the Facebook app to be run at the same time as other things on the phone. Windows phone can do all that. You can have turn by turn directions going in the back ground and an app running and be making a phone call all at the same time. The change that was already made in the next version of Windows allows the tiles to be sized more than they can now. Some small and larger etc. That way you can see more on the screen at the same time. That is coming with the code name Blue which it will not be called that. There is not one thing I have been able to find other than merge google and facebook that the phone can do. There are a couple things in the hardware description of the phone on the fcc docs that may be different but I have not had time to confirm them. They are definitely violating Microsoft & Nokia IP on the Facebook phone in my opinion.

    • LOL wow you sound desperate did you buy FB at the IPO price?

      • 1 Reply to brokemomo
      • No I am not desperate, just every time I comment on something the usual suspects come out of the wood work and click first and think later. Not sure why I sound desperate about Facebook. They will do extremely well with this. In fact I think they will be over 100 by this time next year as a result of the Facebook Phone that for whatever reason some guys are delusional or something had to argue that it did not exist blah blah. Not only does it exist it will likely wipe out their profits on Nokia in the near future. Two giants are going to be tough to beat. If they cannot break that up or get Facebook to let them play on equal ground it is going to be tough to compete against the combination of Facebook and Google in one. Tougher than I am willing to risk my money on. I am not at all desperate for Facebook. Why would I be, only a fool would think this is not good for Facebook. I like Nokia & Microsoft but I am not a Fool. I know when to hold em and fold em.

    • It was a re-write of the operating system to allow unprecedented access to core os functions. The *potential* for FB to gain access to customer data is worth the FCC scrutiny. 

    • The phone was modified by HTC to work best with the modified Android version. That is correct "modified Android & Modified Phone". THAT IS WHAT IS BRANDED AS THE FACEBOOK PHONE. Sounds like Microsoft & Nokia except Nokia allowed the apps to work for all like Here & Microsoft did with Skype. Microsoft & Nokia just need to play hardball they have been thrown a curve.


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