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  • smithofborneo smithofborneo Apr 5, 2013 3:27 AM Flag

    Best seller at Tmobile usa on AmazonDOTcom is Lumia 810

    Just search for best sellers at tmobile usa

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    • Number 1 best seller on amazon and number 7 on t-mobile website. Pretty impressive. I really do not see how Nokia do not crush estimates on April 18. Home we get early announcement sooner.

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      • Number 7 is equal with zero.

        Anything out of the top 3 is meaningless.

        How quickly pumpers here forget the 900 sales. The 900 was number 1 on AT&T for nearly 2 months, beating the S2 and the iPhone, and the rest of the quarter it only dropped to around number 3. Meanwhile the 800 was around number 3 on tmobile and then on amazon the 900 ranked number 1 for a few weeks and then stayed in the top 10 all quarter.

        And how much was this good for in a huge market like the US? After counting the other lumia phones, like the 510, 610 and 710, Nokia I think sold a whopping 900,000 total lumias in the entire United States.

        So please, number 7 in tmobile is equal to maybe 50,000 total sales for the whole quarter. As the ranking go down sales drop off exponentially. And number 1 best seller on amazon, another bogus ranking cause this isn't for total cellphones like the 900 was top ranked (and yet came out a loser) the number 1 spot on amazon you guys keep quoting is only on AT&T and only cellphones with a contract so you're basically pretending 90% of the maket doesn't exist.

        Lets face it, look at expansys in the US and any country you want except for Germany and compare it with the way it looked just a few weeks ago before the ONE, S4,Sony Z, etc were announced and you'll see a massive drop off for the 920 and other nokia phones. Only the 620 is showing up now in the too 10 and only for a spot or 2 where a few weeks ago most countries top 10 list was full of 620's and 920's.

        The 920 is dead, the price will get dropped big time any day now and Eflop needs to wake up and announce and launch a couple better looking sleeker and FULLY LOADED quad core 16 megapixel flagships, RIGHT NOW!!!!

        With every passing day the momentum the 920 built is getting stolen and killed by these better flagships. The 920 did great, it stayed up strong and at high price for 6 months. Sure if Eflop had a brain we wouldn't have had a component shortage for 5 of those 6 months.


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    • Zenite on marketpulse wrote the following "Elop s leaked ER memo +++" just 5 minutes ago. Anyone know what he's talking about?

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      • Well, its about time for another earnings fix like Elop did on jan 5th or 6th. I expect a blowout in which case they'd had to pre-announce.

        What analyst can't see Q1 and every other quarter this year will be profitable is blind dumb and deaf. And this even with a massive 920 shortage and limited 620 launch and no 729/520. Whatever we do in Q1 is gonna be doubled in Q2 and Q3, and then Q4 should be a monster given we'll have full distribution for all the models, full momentum and ad campaign and full blown launch of at least 2 more flagships and a tablet. Microsoft cant forbid a tablet launch forever.

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