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  • jeffreber44 jeffreber44 Apr 5, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    Nokia will have a tablet this quarter

    Don't forget they designed the tablet in which Microsoft used to test out apps on.

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    • No tablet this quarter or next. IMO, Earliest will be next holiday season. All part of a multi-year plan. Back when Nokia was king and phones didn't have near the engineering they did now, they could afford to throw #$%$ up on the wall and see if it would stick. They put out some real failures. Elop has said that they are looking at the segment and will introduce a tablet when the time is right. I personally am happy that they aren't putting a tablet out yet. I'm quite content to wait and see what starts to develop late summer.

    • A Windows RT tablet would be a total waste of time. A 7-8 inch, 1080p, Intel with WiDi and/or docking station with the ability to support 2 1080p external monitors would be great. It would be a laptop/desktop replacement. Full Windows 8 in a 7-8 inch form factor. I say wait on the next generation of Atom processors. Work with MS and Intel to have it ready to ship ASAP.

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      • That's what I believe also. I read somewhere that they were waiting for technology to get there before they produced it and it was close just not there yet, I believe Elop said it. Intel has a new chip coming out this summer that's supposed to be for a tablet that will allow the full windows operating experience. If nokia builds a different type of tablet with all the capability of a laptop they should sell well.

    • They have a tablet ready to go, they're just waiting for permission from Elop's master. Afterall, you can't release a tablet without an OS and softy can stall as long as they want. They seem to still think Surface tablet is gonna wake up from the dead so they don't want any competition from the likes of nokia.

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    • Would be DOA if they did. They would have better luck with a windows toaster

    • chemicalburnz Apr 5, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

      It would be a strategic failure for Nokia to introduce a tablet at this point considering how saturated the market is. Nokia's best bet is to keep selling cheap smart phones and make that their niche market. If they play their cards right, they could become a leader for business phones with their Windows OS. Iphone and Droids are currently the go to for most business phones, but they suck for that purpose. Businesses need full Windows integration across all devices.

    • They may have a clam shell type device that folds and you have the screen on top and keyboard on bottom. Maybe not though. I have not heard anything about that lately. I saw one and that I might buy for the portability. Go into Best buy and see if you are not confused. Everyone and their brother has a tablet. It is overkill at this point. People still like Apple for tablets. The Surface is coming along but the whole US market for tablets went to hell. The bottom fell out for all sales not just Surface compared to the way it was going. I liked that little clamshell though. Keep in mind they do have a tablet and work on that all the time. They have the in vehicle navigation systems and you get the browser and everything. Those are sweet, I wish I had one. That is a tablet you know. Do you really want another tablet sold to the public from Nokia. I honestly do not think the public needs another tablet. I would definitely buy one but I am a Nokia fan. Look up that clamshell unit that was really nice.

    • dorianpc Apr 5, 2013 1:23 PM Flag

      No they won't.
      Don't forget, Elop said they wouldn't.
      Don't forget intel processors are not ready.
      Don't forget there is no manufacturing space for it.
      Don't forget they still need to establish their (now 3y/o) phone tech first
      Don't forget to engage brain before opening mouth.

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      • Well they already have it, it is in vehicles. I supposed you can dismount them and sell them. I guess the poster is right. It is a working tablet. Depending on your definition of tablet. Some people only call tablets 1 piece flat like the I pad of course. You could buy the navigation system and you would have a Nokia tablet or laptop. They can do it, they just did not see the market desire not just for them for anyone. The whole entire tablet and PC sector slowed in the US this quarter. Not just Nokia or Microsoft. Nokia is great and has loyal customers. To say they never will is probably a false statement. If the guy want's a tablet why hammer him. Maybe I will get a tester and give it to him. It is amazing the way you think they have to stick to a casual statement they make. Look at Zuckerberg. He contradicted his statements on a phone. You me and everyone changes like everyday. C'mon you know nothing is certain.

      • Dorian - I agree with you, esp regarding the Intel processors.

        Nokia has sent mixed signals on tablets. Personally, I don't expect to see one until the fall, if then. On the other hand, I hope they surprise me with a knock-out tablet.

      • What gives you any credibility what so ever? You must not read the latest news.

    • I believe that you are correct, and that it be introduced in the next three months. Good times ahead for investors...

    • Hope not. lumia is way to go....

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