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  • nicoboy2012 nicoboy2012 Apr 8, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    Can some one Explain How Lumia 928 will be better than Galaxy 4?



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    • This post is geting way to long...I may have to put myself on ignore to get rid if it

    • It isn't, and nothing with windoze phone will ever be any good.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • whats better any more none of them will give you a blo job so who cares but I do care that it feels good in my hand.

    • Heres 1 good reason....if you drop the gs3/4 it will break in some form or another because of the cheap build quality and the Nokia 920, or any other Nokia for that matter, will just laugh at the ground it hits and all functionality will resume once you pick it up. And then there's :Wireless charging built in, better screen better camera better video camera, strong build , seamless o.s. and ms office, very business friendly, secure, not laggy and apps actually work instead of half #$%$ ports. It also has nfc. you can use gloves to touch the screen. the only thing left is the app ecosystem which is still lacking compared to google and apple but its got almost all the important apps that are popular with other plarforms, do you have all 500,000 apps on your iphone or gs3? I think not. oh wait , games? yeah, that's a killer app boys and girls. you may scoff at this with your ignorance but this is a small snowball rolling down the top of mt Everest and when it hits the bottom it will be earth shaking. Remember this. Enjoy your laggy eye tracking abilty that will be a h#$%$le too use on your gs4.

    • dorianpc Apr 8, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

      Sure, we can explain it. But would you understand it?

    • Lumias are a much smoother experience than all other phones. The screens are integrated in a way that no other platforms are, including Apple. This is Microsoft's doing, but in addition the hardware is very smooth. And then there is software from Nokia that is amazingly good - Here and Nokia Music for example. Other phones are like an untidy and annoying drawer full of #$%$ by comparison. Another simple but highly effective thing is that the animations between apps are so quick, smooth and helpful. They are unobtrusive and yet when you look at them, they are so well designed. I think the Lumia 920 will go down as an industrial design masterpiece. Not just because of Nokia, the OS by MSFT is a work of art as well as efficient design.

    • It's not manufactured by Samsung!

    • It's not, not in any way shape or form.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy


      DOLLAR VALUE: The GS4 will cost a lot more than the Lumia 928, but the over all user experience will be relatively similar. Smartphones are completely unlike desktop computers, and they don't do things that exploit the full value of a better CPU and GPU, or RAM speed for that matter. The games being played on smartphones are typically devoid of high quality graphics, and nobody that I know does multimedia work on their mobile devices. A six core LGA 2011 processor will easily destroy a dual core Pentium D, because there are uses and software that clearly demonstrate it's superiority. That option doesn't exist as much on mobile devices, and the brute power of the S4 won't come across as particularly superior. The next iteration of Lumia will most likely have quad-core, but WP OS is much less resource hungry compared to Android, and so cheaper hardware can perform almost as well as more advance devices.

      CAMERA: It's no secret that the current Lumia 920 has an advanced rear camera that takes excellent low light pictures. That's great if you want pictures outdoors in the twilight, but what about indoor portraits? The Lumia 928 adds to the fun by introducing a Xenon based flash, which can exceed the light that LED flashes produce. So, how does that help? It's the same as adding an SB700 or SB910 flash to your DSLR - it gives you clarity in your pictures, and helps define the images and immediate surrounding elements. In other words, it makes for good close up portraits especially in places that are enclosed, and allow the light to reflect at natural angles. It will help give the 928 an edge in certain circumstances, provided that the users understand the limits of artificial lighting. The 920/928 also has better optical Image stabilization, but yahoo message boards no longer allow for long posts, and so I'll have to refer to this in a different posting...

      SECURITY: WP8 has better security than Android. Period!

    • Nokia makes the Lumia 928.. that alone makes it a better phone

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