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  • a327zig a327zig Apr 8, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    Window Blue or 8.1

    If it really does release this summer, it could be the reason that NOK didn't release a tablet this spring.
    So far it seems the only people happy with the tiles is WP8 users. Makes sense to wait for "blue" if it's only 3 or 4 months away.
    Does anyone have W8 on their PC & have comments?
    & have you read anything about blue & see a improvement coming?

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    • I've got Windows 8 on a ThinkPad Twist. Love it. I spend most of my time in laptop mode. I installed Start8 and have it set to go directly to the desktop. All Windows 7 and earlier programs run without a hitch. I've I have a meeting, I'll use it in touch mode. It is much faster than Windows 7. I couldn't go back to 7.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Perhaps you should not attempt to comment on something that you do not use. You said it seems the only people happy are the users. Shouldn't the users be happy. If you think it is changing or something you are wrong. There are just minor changes to the tiles. Making some much smaller and some larger. Why would they want to change anything that much since it is so popular all the other phone companies are beginning to work on copying it in one way or another. Now Apple is talking about updating the operating system. I wonder what they are trying to achieve (updating tiles) with a modern look. Funny how everyone complains about Windows 8 and their is not one manufacturer of an operating system that is not making changes that copy it in one way or another. Get over it, people like it, carriers like it and it is selling.

    • Elop is no genius but even he could learn the lesson from surface. He wont put out a tablet till he sees some win8 uptake. If he puts out a tablet this summer then he really should be fired

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      • Learn the lesson from Surface. Foxconn is laying people off because of the slow down in apple Ipads. There is a global slow down in all laptops and tablets. Nothing is selling good not just Surface. There is a world wide slow market and they say Apple is very slow. You can never get accurate numbers from apple as they just make them up, count ipod touches, counterfeit, orders that are promised to supplier channels. Go in a best buy and look at the number of tablets for sale and then look at the number of people shopping. It is not a good situation. Anyone relying on any type of profits from tablets is screwed. It is called market saturation in a slow to very bad economy. The international markets are the growth area. The tablets have to be under $200.00 to compete with samsungs.

    • I ran the final developers' preview (identical to the first public release) on a ThinkPad for a month. I absolutely hated it. It's really designed for mobile phones and tablets, and it feels like a square peg pounded into a round hole when used on a desktop/laptop.

      There are a lot of critical apps on Windows 7 that simply are not available for Windows 8. That's my biggest complaint. I'm also not into the social networking aspect that's so central to Windows 8 so a major benefit of the operating system is meaningless for me. Microsoft's insistence on users not being able to turn off the tiles and return to the more familiar start menu is puzzling.

      After one month I wiped the ThinkPad and re-installed Windows 7. I'm a Mac user but I've always had a soft spot for ThinkPads. 

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      • What programs are you talking about that are not available for Windows 8. I am using programs written in 1999 that are working on Windows 8. I use Expression Web, Expression Blend (all versions), several versions Visual Studio and even IPSwitch. You just have to know how to install them and find them. I have not found one single program that I used on 7 that does not work on 8.

      • I ran the developers preview on pretty much every brand of laptop. You hated it because you did not have a touch screen not because it was a laptop. I have a touch screen laptop and it is so much better than Win 7 it is not comparable. Plus flicking the screen is easier for and quicker. You can do everything very past compared to scrolling. The developer previews were very bad compared to the actual release. There was too much software that conflicted with different versions and dot net. I assume you tried it on a dedicated machine with a separate drive. I know people who liked it that way. Try an acer core I5 or 7 laptop with touch screen. It does not wiggle when you hit the screen. Everything for developing from Visual Studio to Expression blend and smaller programs work without one hitch. I expected major transition problems with printers old versions of photoshop or corel draw and everything works with Windows 8. Best computer experience I have ever had. There is nothing close and I seriously do not even believe the negative reviews. You say you are a developer, so I do not know except I was not happy with the developers preview but their where lot's of applications I was using that had different dot net versions and it was a mess. Try a new machine with a touch screen monitor and you will love it I think.

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