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  • dddjzzz dddjzzz Apr 12, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

    Just got my Lumia 620

    Made my contribution to WP marketshare today and recommend every Nokia long to do the same!

    Bought Lumia 620 as a backup phone today, played for couple of hours - first what comes to mind - WP8 is incredibly easy to use. Adjust settings, download apps, configure tiles etc.
    Ok, I am tech professional and have used different Androids till today but still -WP8 usability surprised.

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    • I got my 620 last week and find that I spend a lot more time on it than my iPhone 4S. iPhone goes on Craigslist soon.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have been playing with my Lumia 620 (without sim, costed 242eur).

      What I dont like - browser Internet Explorer basically sucks (the same as on desktop). Maybe I will figure it out later but my old Android is way easier to use (zooming, navigation, tabs etc).

      What I do like:
      - HERE is simply amazing. Truly offline application (especially mine as it is without sim) - download map you need and use without connection. Not sure if it is only for Nokia WP8 or all WP8 but Here is great. Some Android navigation apps is OK, but with connection.
      - 5px camera is much better than I expected. Its definitively better than my Android's 5px camera.
      - I did not manage to properly use Office but one app I am really glad to see from Office - OneNote. Works great - the same as on desktop.

      Talking about apps - found every app I need, some has different UI than on my Android (eg Endomondo), but overall I am glad I have all apps I really need.

      Probably there will be new conclusions with sim inside and longer user - but first impressions were right - great value for money.

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      • I didn't really need my 920, but wanted to support Nokia. I remember thinking my 800 was the right size an now it seems absolutely tiny. The increased screen size on the 920 is welcome, although I don't want anything bigger. I hope the next flagship does not go bigger.

        Like you I have found every app I need and the maps have been great. My friend and colleaguee speaks fluent Russian so for some fun we navigated around on a recent trip using the Russian language and it was right on.

        I'm not totally thrilled with the browser, but once you get used to using the "..."/tabs that'll get "easier". I don't browse all that much, so it's not a bother. I'm not all that thrilled with the "Modern" version of Windows 8 Internet Explorer...and I have to think that there will be some changes.

    • leestoller Apr 12, 2013 1:45 PM Flag

      Nokia, will blow away the earning projections !! I am long and just bought 10,000 more shares.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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