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  • skeetz1234 skeetz1234 Apr 18, 2013 8:22 PM Flag

    nusaiba will find an opinion since he hasnt one of his own

    If you cant form you own opinion because you cant perform your own Due Diligence, guess finding one that someone else came up with, I guess that works for some folks.

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    • Hey, I give Nusaiba a pretty hard time usually, but one thing I can never accuse him of is not having an opinion! He's got one and he's not afraid to lay it out. 

    • b/c you bought the stock at 1.75 that's why you are happy with eflop.We have been riding the stock since eflop took over at 11.5 two and half yrs ago and we are are suffering big time with his failure strategy and his burning platform.He is the worse ceo nokia has hire.Look at the numbers of his garbage lumia sales in this Q1 is 400k .You called it success b/w t-mobil,at&t and Verizon and he called it exclusive my son of the gun immediately and ask him for compensation damages against shareholders

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      • Just because you lack the trading discipline to know your entry points, know what your exit points are to take profits, and know what your exit points are for risk to exit positions when they go against you before you enter into any position, thats your problem, not mine. One should never get overly emotional on any position they are in, cause bad habits on a low priced stock will transfer to bad habits on high priced stocks. The same people here that are riding the price down in Nokia are exactly the same type of people that would be in Apple watching their shares lose hundreds of dollars in value, yet they dont exit and they whine. I bought low, which for Nokia I consider anything under $5/share low, I believe in what Elop is doing to turn around Nokia, and until such time that my DD changes on Nokia, I will continue to accumulate anything under $5 up to the quantity of shares that I deem sufficient that I want to have in Nokia, which is 50K shares. The swings that Nokia is doing pricewise does not rattle my feathers one bit and I will continue to accumulate.

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