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  • urban_phantom urban_phantom Apr 19, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    LUMIA and WP8 growing like Wildfire - no more cash burn - where's the problem?


    Twenty-seven percent increase of sales this past quarter, almost six million Lumia's sold, 520, 620, 720, 928 not even part of those amazing sales growth figures due to being recently released, NSN profitable, Microsoft WP Blue now allows 1080p and 5' plus size phablet screens, new Lumia EOS 41MP flagship due for release in a few months.


    Hoards of stupid short traders posting lies and misinformation online, hostile mainstream and business media controlled by Apple and Google, Euro Zone instability, and Lumia 920 outershell isn't entirely resistant to nuclear blast damage...


    NOKIA lost less than 200 million for Q1, and they no longer have any cash burn issues. WP8 is destined to steal significant market-share from both iOS and Android, and will continue growing by leaps and bounds, while feature phones will continue their decline. This ultimately means less volume but bigger profits for Nokia in the near future.

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    • Lumia sales and growth are the life blood of this Company. There is no future and no Nokia without it. So the 27% sequential sales growth while not great is encouraging. On that point you are correct Sir. However, NSN is the entity that is throwing off positive cash flow and not the device segment. Nokia should now retain their 50% ownership of NSN until the device and services segment is stabilized and generating positive cash flow. That appears to be a ways off. That said, Nokia now has major problems in the feature phone and mid-tier Asha markets. You have over looked this not so small point. The market is mostly price driven and Nokia will have a difficult time in competing on price alone. So they have to re-fresh their product offerings and add unique features where possible. The bashers who say that China is a big fail for Lumia are completely wrong. Nokia is just getting underway with a full complement of Lumia that should bear fruit in Q2.

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      • Yes, there was a 27% increase over the last quarter, but something that no one is seeing is that the Lumia was only available for the last half of the previous quarter.

        Since it was available for all of Q1 in '13 and only for a few weeks at the end of Q4 in '12, the increase in sales should have been much higher then 27%.

        The Lumia was on the market almost 2x longer this quarter then it was last should have had at least a 50% increase in sales.

        I am long nokia, and like my 822, but we are now in Q2 and Elop needs to start a fire under his butt and find some sense of urgency now, or the end of Q2 will be another ugly report.

      • I didn't overlook the feature phone issue, but that is only relevant in terms of the time lneeded before WP takes off in a major way. The impact of the Nokia Lumia 520, 620, 720, 928, and their upcoming EOS flagship and possible Phablet are not being taken into account, because they didn't show up for this quarter's earning statement. WP8 is an Android killer - fast and secure, and it will make huge gains in China. Microsoft won't let it's darling Nokia go broke, and they might even buyout the other half of NSN, if that's what's needed. I'm willing to wait, because I know that Microsoft needs Nokia to survive and succeed, and will do whatever is required to achieve this goal. Patience is a virtue...

        Thanks for your comments - sorry for the "*" replies, but you know as well as I do what's happening today, and I don't intend to let shills have their way by using multiple accounts to spam this message board with endless negative posts that are full of lies and inaccurate information.

    • Still blaming shorts for your poor investment decisions. In general it does not have a cash burn problem because the mounted up some debt and diluted your equity. Did I not tell you this a year ago. Start listening.
      The lumia sales are good, but really not great. 4 million phones wold wide? Apple sold that just at verizon. Hell Bbry is going to do that easily too. It s all bad

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      • You fail to see the obvious - WP8 is an Android killer, the fastest growing OS in the world - and it's just starting to gain momentum. Samsung is getting set to abandon Android in favor of Tizen, and Apple can't dilute it's brand name to sell cheaper smartphones, leaving the door open for Nokia and Microsoft to steal the low and mid-range market segment. This will come to pass: we'll be having the same conversation again in a year, and Nokia will be trading at double the PPS

    • I am convinced you are paid for this nonsense. NOKIAs future was based around success in CHINA with CM. They failed. Let's talk about Samsungs growth in china that outdid Nokia and all your pumpers postings. Oh, you don't want to deal with reality, just dreams.Nokia doesn't have a phablet you pumper liar....EOS 41MP, months away waiting for Samsung to beat them to the punch with a 75MP cam. You make me angry the more you try to pump future possibilities instead of current crises.

    • I haven't had a chance to look into MSFT's results, but I heard they were good regardless of what the bashers say about Windows 8. This bodes well for WP side of the business going forward I would think.

    • You obviously know nothing about investing and did not even bother to read the earnings report.

      As predicted, Nokia's release of a $20 Fisher Price Chatter Phone and even cheaper Lumias did not increase their market share or helped them turn a profit. All it did was cannibalize their existing sales of Asha and feature phones. An incerase of 1.2 million Lumias at the expense of 5 million Asha's is nothing to be happy about. Check out all the negative numbers on the chart in the earnings report. Smart phone volumes are decreasing in Europe and Asia. Not even the Finns are interested in buying Nokias anymore.

      Nokia has become a fundamentally dishonest company. It uses accounting gimmicks like restructuring charges to show it is making money when it is in fact losing money. Last quarter they showed 1 billion dollars cash increase and did not clarify how 750 million came from a convertible bond. They cut the dividend and promised to buy back shares. But then increased the float by 200 million shares with the convertible bond. Nokia is so dishonest that it doesn't even give investors a breakdown of how many of each type of Lumia phone was sold. If they did, it would most likely reveal that most sales are Lumia 520's, 610's and 800's. In short, all the low margin devices. No one in their rgiht mind would pay iPhone prices for a plastic junk phone like the 920. Not even the Chinese will take them for a penny from China Mobile.

      Nokia is leading the race to the bottom in phone prices and share price. No wonder Elop is tossing an iPhone to the ground in disgust.

    • Looks like Nokia announces Lumia 928 on April 25tth.

    • dorianpc Apr 19, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

      The problem is found in your own statement.
      See, the way it works is companies return value back to investors based on profits. Usually through dividends. Failling that they can pump up the value based on hyped up BS if thebooks are cooked enough to show a profit.
      But if you can't manage that, the whole scam falls apart.
      That's why when a company cuts its dividend, it's a sure sign of disaster.

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      • The only part of NOKIA that didn't shine was the feature phone division, which tends to rise and fall depending on circumstances. However, the future is about smartphones, and nothing will change the fact that WP8 is growing massively, and Nokia owns 80 percent of that market. In just a few years, Windows Phone will own at least twenty percent of the global smartphone market, with NOkia still owning a significant portion of those sales. There is no cash burn, only negative spin by those afraid to accept the world has changedL Apple has fallen, and Samsung is getting set to abandon Android in favor of Tizen - which leaves the door wide open for Windows Phone.

        Twenty-seven percent growth in Lumia sales for a single quarter only, which means WP8 has exploded in popularity. There is no scam, only real numbers that indicate a bright future for NOKIA and Microsoft alike...

    • Where's the problem!? How about negative earning? How about Nokia losing its safety net of cheap dumbphones? Don't get me wrong, I am long on Nokia...but let's not plug our heads in the sand here. Q2 results will determine the long term fate of Nokia.

    • You #$%$...the problem is $400M loss, topped up by $250M from M$. LAME-ia is garbage.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Go away! You polluting this message board with with your numerous names and garbage..

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