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  • nicoboy2012 nicoboy2012 Apr 20, 2013 10:17 PM Flag

    I will adding to my position On Monday


    Another $30,000...

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    • Same here...I just wish I have more cash

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    • tracey563 Apr 21, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

      the reason not to buy is this is a very weak stock and we are entering a very long and deep period for drop,ibet at leat 10 percent and likely lasting into the fall.2.50 for nokia looks pretty likely and on a fall to holiday rally nok gets back to about where we are or on the new shares a 20 percent short dont buy now keep your powder dry

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      • If the results were so bad, stock should have tanked much much more. I believe the bad news is priced in. It may drop below $3, but no big deal, Can never really guess the bottom and same for top. All I know that we are around the bottom given we are at the worse possible time Q1. Looking forward, I still believe in team Nokia and Microsoft .

    • Good idea but stagger down. Remember a turnaround story, as oppose to a growth story is always volatile. I will myself be adding to my positions once it hit under $3. There is just too many things lying ahead for Nokia. If this Q had been one where 928, EOS , 950 , tablet, phalet, without powerful MSFT parthership, 520, 620 long in the market, yes I would be concerned. But clearly the best is yet to be,

    • Seriously, wait a few days for it to bottom cause if it breaches $3 (and it's a high probability that it will) it will then quickly go to $2.50 or lower. The odds of a catalyst so soon after the CC is near zero so there's little risk in waiting and besides the market seems to want to go lower and if Apple misses in Thesday its gonna be a tech blood bath.

      I too want to add more, as worst case the buyout price is at least $5, but I'm definitely giving a couple weeks.

      Good luck!

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    • I thank you so much for posts like this. It is posters like you that made realize the madhouse that I found myself in on the CC in January. I looked around this board, at people claiming to be adding small fortunes to their positions and realized that this board was filled with shameless pumpers and liars. I had a few shots of booze, took a good look at the posts, read the Nokia earnings report, and just started laughing. I realized that a small but vocal minority of posters on this board are the most pathetic bagholding losers on God's green earth.They post with multiple ID's, have running conversations with themselves, and absolutely will not provide any realistic appraisal of the grim future this company faces. I immediately exited my position completely that day and waited patiently until this CC to see if I made the right choice. Wow! Was a I right. What a world of hurt I would be in right now if I had not seen through your lies.

      So I thank you (and all the other bagholding elite on this board) for your continued lying and shameless pumping. It saved me a small fortune and I can sleep well at night.

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      • lol, congrats on making the right move. I'm one of the bag holders you mention but I'm not adding until it finishes selling off cause it's just getting started. It should breach $3 in a few days and then $2.50 will come in a matter of days and after that depending on what more bad news we get regarding sales or Indian tax lies $2 is very possible.

        But I think you're right, lots of mad pumpers on here like fr3nchie, he went stealth silent mode after Eflop busted another quarter and so many loyal longs finally started calling for his head. These pumpers are gonna lay low for a few days cause they must feel like such idiots always defending an incompetent CEO. But don't worry, they're still here, guys like fr3nchmodel have Zero lives and are here now with other aliases and will soon come out of their holes with their "regular" aliases.

        Good luck and I do recommend buying some shares once the pps bottoms below $2.50. With no more cash burn nokia can at least focus on finding a buyer. I never thought this was possible but unless they get a real CEO their best chance now is a buyout at around $7 or $8.

        Reason is, Eflop is now losing their bread and butter, the feature phone business and if that happens they'll bleed cash like crazy and they won't get $2 per share in a buyout. This last quarter was much worse than I ever imaged, cause nobody imagined Eflop was capable of losing lower end market share given nokia has the best phone lineup there.

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    • So what exactly does "hard long" mean?? 

    • Another, god love ya...
      can I be in the will.... :-)

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