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  • myachingback09 myachingback09 Apr 21, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Nokia earnings smackdown article

    reflects reality! Read it and "Weep"..

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    • It sure must hurt those poor Mf's buying Apple at $705. Blame Nokia for it. lol

    • angelico1966 Apr 21, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

      Correct the numbers are not good for NOK, but still need a few more quarters to throw in the towel. If NOK can step up their game & perhaps get a better more aggressive CEO than there may be a great chance of success. Lets face it there needs to be more clarity in the companies productivity during the Quarters, for us that are Long Term. I wouldn't loose hope just yet. Need a few more Quarters to actually know for sure. Still think the worst is behind us, & much better numbers to come. I am Long, & Holding on to my shares, Thank's..

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • There are longs that are hopeful and ex longs that is still on the board awaiting re-investing opportunity. I think many of us here sense the real game is not up yet. There are very little left of the board really shorting Nokia in the hope of it becoming bk, but some who invested are angry at the result because of shattered high hopes. Like you, I am holding onto my shares but we are not blindly married to my investment in Nokia, I am just attracted to its attractive price over valuation ratio and its obviously exciting future coming just over the next few quarters. Turnaround in high techs can come suddenly, massively and decisively, I have seen enough high tech investments which turnaround from their cliffs. Apple is just one of them.

    • One problem I have with the article is the assumption that Lumia sales cannibalized Asha sales. Not only are the Lumia and Asha lines targeted at completely different audiences, but how does an increase of 1.2 million Lumia's account for a drop of 4.2 million Asha phones??? Smacks of poor journalism and a lack of understanding of the market for mobile phones. 

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      • You could be right as I wouldn't know that much about it..

      • quite right, that argument is spurious.

        Its clear from reading the reports and listening to the conf call that what has happened is the consumer who once would have bought the Symbian feature phone, and then by logical progression the Asha somewhat-smart phone, now has the option of buying an entry level full smart phone made by the so called 'white box' phone makers and other Android based players. And at a price LOWER than the Asha phone.

        this is why the feature phone / asha segment may be completely screwed now.

        If the consumer can get a full blown smartphone for under $100 and less than an Asha, then Asha is done. The only remaining play is to get Lumia phones in those markets for less than $100 as well, which probably is not possible at all.

        During the Q, Nokia clearly took written off inventory for WP7 phones and sold it at well below cost to at least move the parts of the shelf. In doing so, they were able to realize a one-time $50 million positive reversal of the writedowns from 2012. That is certainly no way to make money!

        If android manufacturers can flood the market with full smartphones for under $100 longer term, there's just nothing Nokia can do to compete with that.

        Hard to see how NOKIA stays alive in that environment.

    • Where is this article. Enquiring minds want to know. 

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